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Week 7 of EQ only. This is my first cycle ever. I haven't seen anything at all from this cycle yet. I am going to take it for 15 weeks as I said. I really wish I could take something else because I can tell the gains are not going to be great already. Maybe next time I can take a cycle of testosterone low enough to not give me hairloss but give me some gains.
Ifrit are you still on 400mgs/week bro.? Have you not put on any lbm, what's that scale talking about?
You have fake EQ. There is no way in hell you wouldnt gain a pound off of 400mg of EQ and its your first cycle.

I can still take that dose and gain 5-8lbs.

Its either fake, you are not eating enough(you would have to eat nothing), you have horrible genetics.

I say it #1

7 weeks at 400mg ond nothing??? It doesnt sound right!
Maybe I should be more clear. I haven't seen any strength gains or a difference in my measurements. I have gained ten pounds in the first 6 weeks but my measurements haven't changed (except my waist). I doubt it's fake. I am just a little frustrated the scale says 10 pounds gained but I sure don't look it or measure out that way. I remember the last time I went by the scale I ended up with a 37 inch waist at 205 pounds and not a single change in measurements. I would agree I have shitty genetics also but that won't stop me.
Check your training and diet and then change them...Maybe you're someone who doesn't react to EQUI!
I checked the scale today and I actually lost a pound. I have been eating 4,000 calories a day and even fucking up and eating Mcdonald's.
wow.. im dieting and eating around 1600-2000 cals a day at the same dose and my strength is going up.. not alot, but definitely up.
Check your training and diet and then change them...Maybe you're someone who doesn't react to EQUI!

Wouldn't count on it.....that's kinda of like saying that you might not respond to test. IMHO
Well EQ is not considered a mass builder as opposed to Test. What where your stats again pre cycle?
My stats were. 176 pounds 42 inch chest 16 inch biceps 34 inch waist 24 inch legs. Now they are 186 pounds 421/2 inch chest 16 inch biceps 34 1/2 waist 24 inch legs. I worked out chest today and I could barely match the weight I had done in the previous week. So basically so far 10 pounds up and no great difference in measurements or strength. I am still lifting the same weight in every exercise as before I started. How can I tell if it's fake? The bottle of Syd groups EQ is exactly like the one on here with experation date and everything. This is my first cycle so it is hard for me to tell what should be happening. How can they fake it if the bottle looks totally similar?
I'm not sure what is wrong..........., but if you say that your diet and training are bang on.....then I gotta lean towards the fact that your EQ just might not be EQ.....:confused:
Thats crazy, I can hold 215 pounds of bodyweight with 2100 calories a day. But anything should be working by the 7th week man, you sound like a natural trainer when you list whats been going on with your stats and such, so I would vote for fake also.
I don't know what is going on. Like I said I even lost a pound this week on 4,000 calories a day. I do no more than 12 sets for major muscle groups and I do straight sets. If my EQ was just oil what would it smell like or is there any way to tell what is in it? I first equated it to it only being week 7 but everyone says this and week 8 are the best times so I beginning to get frustrated. The last couple of days I have been feeling nervous and feeling like there is something I have to do in a hurry but there isn't anything, lol. Is this anxiety? My face and my ears have also been getting hot also.
Did your Syd group EQ have a hologram on the top of the vial and the side of the box with a rainbow effect?

Also whats the lot #'s and EXP?
Ifrit maybe I miss-read your post.........but you said you have gained 10lbs and only added 1/2 inch to your waist. That's not bad at all unless you have been putting on fat on other parts of your body! Plus you can't expect to see dramatic changes, especially since you see yourself ed in the mirror, as for not seeing strength increases.....unless your on halo,anavar,etc............IMO its your training you might want to reconsider!

Can you take a pic of your Syd. EQ for us?