Estimate your BF based on these pics.


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Love what is says under the last pics.

"After 30%, there is truly no need to attempt visual estimations."


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From the website it looks like I'm around 20%, but I know in the summer of this year I was closer to 25%+.

Good post, thanks for sharing.

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Hey Mr.P. I was wondering if you would be able to estimate the body fat on my friend who just finished a bodybuilding compo. It was an all natural tested show, his first show actually. He didnt do as well as he thaught because of bodyfat level. If u dont have time its ok, and if u do thanks in advance. I will post the pic after this post. Anyone else who wants to give there awnest opinion. Keep in mind he was dehydrated for this pic.

Ps how do we post pics from my computer on here
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Just made a thread for a reading of my %, there was no need.

After looking at this chart id say I was about 18%, I thought I was about 20%, but I don't have as much fat on me as the 20% photo.

Thanks for the link.