Finally picked a cycle to do


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I think I am gonna run:

1-10 test at 500mg/week
7-10 Winstrol (winny) inject 25mg/ED

The only thing I can't decide on to do is to make this a bulking cycle or a cutting cycle I have been doing alot research and I hear running test during a cutting cycle is great as long as you run some nolva or I dex to keep the bloat of. Just want some of ya'lls opinions


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if i were you

i would go 50 mgs a day on the Winstrol (winny) i dont think your results will be that appealing at 25mgs. just my opinion


Brock Landers

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I'd also extend the Winstrol (winny) to week 12. I dont think three weeks of winstrol at 25 mg ed will do much. If you dont want to bump the dosage definitely consider running it from 7-12. You can then start post cycle recovery immediately after.


No matter what you the Winstrol (winny) 2 weeks past the Test, that way you can start post-cycle recovery with no down time.

I would also look at upping the Winstrol (winny) dose to 50 mg/day and running it for 6 weeks, not 4 like you had planned.

Johny J

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Winny needs to be run longer my man. If you cant get any more Winstrol (winny), or cant afford to, sell it and buy some Fina. my .02 $


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Just like SC the Winstrol (winny) past the test and don't run the Winstrol (winny) less then 5 weeks imo. Good luck