Gear I just Got Any advice on cycle combos with them.


I'm 5'4" 206 currently was past Mr CT in early 20's, I'm 40 now and after a long hiatus from the stage would like to compete again but in a national pre qualifier with the goal of going onto the National Level. Looking to gain about 60 lbs within the next 3 years and stepping on stage at 245(freakish). I'm not new to gear(in past as power lifter when I was 18-19) but this will be a fresh start since my glory days. Got BT from my Dr. with result forthcoming. Below is a list of some of the supplements I purchased or have in stock from friends dedicated to my cause. What would be best cycle combo using what I have now. I realize that the Cytomel is a no-no now (will save that for pre-contest)?. Any help you give me would be much appreciated.

Item Units Dosage
1 Deca Durabolin 100mg/ml 10units 100 mg
1 Omnadren 250 34units 250 mg.
Anadrol 75 - Oxy 75mg/ml 10ml 4units 75 mg
Andropen 275 2units
Cytomel 30 tabs 25 mcg 50units 25 mg
Cytomel 30 tabs 50 mcg 93units 50 mg
Durateston 2ml 100units 250 mg.
MASTERON 100mg Drostanolone 2ml 24 100 mg
Naposim 10 mg Dianabol 119units 10 mg
Testabol Depot Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml 10ml 3units 10ml
Thai Anabol 100units 5 mg
Winstrol 8units 50 mg


"1 Deca Durabolin 100mg/ml 10units 100 mg" if those last letters were meant to be "ml"...damn..that's a lot of deca!

Side question...where about in Fairfield are ya?


thats 100 mg per ml i suppose, in westport area,you?, how about any advice on cycles. started dianbol yesterday 30 mg, will do 30 per day spaced out during day next two weeks. taking Test ethanate 1 ml today the again in 3 days. Also fish oil, folic acid 2mg x 2 daily, b-6 200mg spaced out also. next week i don't know.