Gyno 2 months after stopping trt and all steroids? NEVER HAD GYNO not even with Deca


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So i'm scared this is not atually gyno because I have NEVER EVER had gyno

And I've run Deca and test together equaling a gram with no AI at one point. Still NEVER had gyno (yes I know this was stupid as hell but I ran out and yes I know that's stupid as well)

Regardless I have quit all steroids AND TRT and last night I felt pain in my right breast.

It has been 2 months since putting ANY compound in my body and no I did NOT do ANY PCT

My recovery has been going good from going by mental state and sex drive however last night I felt where the pain was and I have a large lump right under my nipple a little bit to the right. It is very tender to the touch and even a little pink around the area.

I am worried this isn't Gyno but something else.. I know it's extremely rare in men but I know that I have never had Gyno issues even under extreme circumstances.

Why would Gyno flare up when I don't even have any compounds in my body? I don't think this is Gyno :(


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Wow... I truly struggled to find something done right here....but I just can't.

You have no idea what the fuck you're doing and should never have cycled at all....
19-nors is literally gambling russian roulette....can be fine 3 times in a row and fourth you get ALL sides including limp dick and everything you really dont have to experience as a side effect from said 19-nors. Will be at least 6 months until you've normalized naturally.

I'm bit confused... Did you blast and go back on TRT dose? Or did you bail on blast AND TRT same time?
I'm amazed you havent been feeling like shit unable to get out of bed but hey, everyone's different.

Far as the gyno questions, it can flair up OFF cycle yes, its possible.

Here's my conclusion....
You mention gram doses with no AI (that together with no PCT) makes me certain you did not run any AI this time either.

So this happened:
You were blasting having high estrogen conversion with no AI to halt/lower it.
You stop all compounds and your estrogen just kept climbing.

You dumb all compounds... So now you're in a situation where you have super high estrogen, you are totally shutdown and have very little testo in your body.
This ratio is something your body very much hates and will punish you for.

And lastly, depending on ester/compound, they can literally stay in your body for up to years (if i should trust internet lists).
(Context, researching child making and impact on different esters and recommendation was minimum 3 years but preferably 5 years after last injection to be "safe", dont wanna go into details).


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Felt my yelling needed its own post...

Now to actually help you....

Listen to my main man and get blood work, so we(read you) have a baseline for your bodys hormonal balance.
Without knowing results my guess of action would be this:

Buy: aromasin(just 20/50 pills), clomid, nolva, 5000 iu HCG and some bac water)

Start with 500iu HCG every day for 10 tens.
Every other day eat 10mg aromasin for the 10 days above.

Now wait 3 days, after that eat this for 2 weeks:
50mg clomid
40mg nolva

After those 2 weeks, eat this for another 2 weeks.
25mg clomid
20mg nolva.

Now wait 6 weeks and do new blood work.

and please research what you're doing next time... :)


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Felt my yelling needed its own post.

coulda used its own zip code on that score of it

also him starting up this whole conglomeration of drugs 2 months later over a breast lump seems weird to me never heard of such a thing

thinking to he ought to go see a physician at this stage in the game