How 'bout this


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I was gonna cycle

500mg of Test-enan
200mg of EQ

please critque, i'm also trying to find a cycle that doesn't cost more $350.:p

thanx for your help!!!!
Bro, I remember your posts from the FG, you are very young(18),and have a lot of learning to do before you take this step.
Why are you in such a hurry to continue with things that could potentially screw up up if you are unsure of what you are doing.
You were taking Deca before and you didn't even know how many mg/ml your concentration was, correct? ........Yes I know so.

Please don't take this as a flame bro, but you have really got to chill with this idea of yours to jump into this, until you have a much broader knowledge of AAS, as well as training, diet, etc.

Please continue on with your journey to achieve these goals here........., read...., read...., read some more and ask questions about things you are unsure of.

Just slow 'er down a little, you have many, many years to enjoy this lifestyle ahead of you.
Where you on a cycle just 2 weeks ago and thought in doing another now? 10w on 10w off. 50/50 get it? But listen to StoneColdNTO wait until your very sure what you want.
Part 2:
You're looking damn good for 40 something years old!!!
I would say 29 tops :D
ok i did a little bit more research:)

here what i came up with

1-10 Test-Enan: 500mg
1-10 EQ: 400mg

clomid therapy 3 weeks after cycle, but my only question is about the clomid, how much should i take afterward:confused:

thanx for the help:p
w13. 300mgs clomid first day then 100mg ed.
w14. 100mgs clomid 4 days / 50mgs ED
w15. 50mgs clomid ED

That would do it.

i got my hands on some EQL Test- Prop 100mg/mL 60cc's and some EQL EQ 400mg/mL. sooooooo i'm going to take...

10 week cycle

1-10 Test-prop: 400mg/week
1-10 EQ: 400mg/week

with clomid therapy afterward.

what do ya think? :afro:
You could run the prop to week 13, since the eq takes 3 week to clear the system.

Do your last prop shot on friday if week 13, start clomid on monday of week 14.

what should my shot schedule be? This is what i was going to do:

mon: 1.5mL of Test-prop(100mg/mL) and 1mL of EQ (400mg/mL)

wed: 1.5mL of Test-prop(100mg/mL)

fri: 1ml of test-prop(100mg/mL)

what do ya think?