How to rigg bloodwork to help attain TRT

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Takes 8 years just to change those laws lol. Need to be approved by current government and then approved by the next elected government to pass.

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Really you need to see where your levels are at a week or so after you've quit taking anything. I have no idea of you can get labs yourself or not in your country but here in the USA we can.

Also using testosterone to drop natural production followed by stopping usage in the proper time frame to cause low labs is how it's done. Depending on test prop or test cyp will determine when the labs will be taken showing low Test as well as low LH/FSH.

Possible estrogen control needed unless you run a lower dose of test so the actual level of testosterone is slightly below natty levels so E conversion will also be low. Basically running 80ng/dL per week maybe less of tits start showing up.

Tis sound advice here, hope it works out well for op.
Lets make it easy for all:
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Hello :)

The title pretty much says it all...
I meet with a doctor today and he ordered all the real tests that I can't purchase online.
Will get full testo panels and a few other things... I will go leave it anytime i want this week but he wants it to be fasted and before 10am.

Anyhow... I want my testo to be low enough to warrant getting sent to an endo, that will eventually script me real TRT.

Last blood work had me quite high due to clomid but haven't taken anything and only been to boxing training.

Any tips that can help?

what ever became of this .. did you achieve your goal of rigging your testosterone levels?
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Im honestly just thinking of coming clean.
Say 've ran a few cycles but i have not recovered as I did before my first cycle and sorta lean towards addiction and that I cant stand being at such a low hormone rate vs when im on cycle.
But im scared of the health aspects bla bla bla and just help me be safe and normalize my values to the higher end or I will just continue to self medicate.

will that affect your insurance issues? will your insurance company access those records?
Excess body fat interferes with numerous hormonal systems, eventually leading to lowered testosterone production. High insulin levels, either from short-term cheat meals or long-term overeating, increases the activity of an enzyme found in fat tissue that converts testosterone to estrogen.
The sarms mentioned above sounds like an easy way to go. Drinking heavily ( no joke) will lower your test levels as well. I did that before my TRT test. Came up in the very low 200s for test level.