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Hey guys, I hope this is the right place to bring up this question.
I have seen those ads on tv for the bow flex machine. I don't really think it makes their models that big in the amount they say it does. But I wanted to know if it would be worth it to look into getting a bow flex. Or are they a big waste of time?
Waste of time and money IMO.

Bodybuilding is like anything else in life - what you put in is what you get out. If your not dedicated to training and eating your not going to get results. 30mins 3 x week on a bowflex just won't do it.

It might if your looking to tone up just a bit, but if you've been lifting weights in a gym it's useless.
what are your goals my friend?

I agree, bowflex=nogo
if you're looking into home gym equipment just search ebay, or google, there are tons of new and used home equipment that is just as good as gym equipment.
I would just get a squat rack. With that you can do deadlifts, bench, and squats. For the bench and squats you can put the bars right at your chest for saftey if your lifting alone. You can do pullups on it, and maybe get some dumbells for other random excersizes. Bowflex is just a bunch of isolation movements, like nautilus machines. If your into that then go for it, but I agree with the other two replies. but a gym membership is best because along with using tons of equiptment you get people there to spot you and point out things your doing wrong/ just talk about lifting in general.
Thanks guys. I think I will go the rout of getting a membership at a gym. I wish I could get my own set up, but I just don't have the room for it right now. So going to the gym would be the next best thing for me.
I'm looking into a free weight bench system that is connected to the bench where if your working out alone you can't get hurt. It also has four different positions like decline, incline, reg. bench press, and shoulder press. Check out home-gym.com, it's about 500, but thats cheeper than Bow-flex.
power rack, db sets, olympic bars, olympic curl bars, bands, chains, boards, olympic plates, benches..that's about it..if you want, add in some calf/abs machines