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please tell m about your insulin gains when you use it by it self and lawnsaver i read about the bodybuilder that you interview and what kind of muscle gains did he get by just using insulin by it self
and my stats are 230lbs. 10% body fat and have done about 5 cycles under my belt and i really are interested in insulin by itself gains???
and yes another insulin post i know but very interested with it...:)
Here are my results, I used 10 iu of insulin post work out 3x week.
I started at 184 and finished at 205 after 4 weeks. Strength gains were also fairly impressive, added about 30 lb to bench and maybe 40 to squats. I haven't done any Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) so don' t know if that would affect it or not. I was very happy with it though. My diet was not exact so about 2 lb of that was fat.
thank you for your reply is there anybody else with good result because it seem for the low cost and the side effects are low and if you use it right way it will be almost better than steriods , test gives me acne from hell even taking two showers a day but another question will taking insulin mess up your pancreas ability to product insulin after you stop using it please answer both of the question if you do not mind. thank you .

p.s. lawnsaver where are you????
Be careful down playing the sides. There is the whole death thing. Not just from the insulin, as you slip toward problems your ability to focus could go also. If your driving when your blood sugar gets low.. not pretty.
i work out at the house and my girl friend was going to watch me for signs of hypo. but thank you for the info..
and i was going to use monster's insulin primer as a guide
can you give me anymore advise on using insulin the more help i get from yall the better i will be..
Play it safe the first week as you up the dosage (from 5 Iu to 10) If you are using Hum-R then plan for 8 hours of having sugar handy. I have used actualy Hum-R, and this time used the walmart brand. For some reason it lasted ALOT longer. Before in 3 or 4 hours I was fine and good to go, with Nov-R (the walmart brand) I inject at 7:30 am and have felt hypo at 3 that afternoon. Very odd. Get humalog if you can. It is by far the best option.
i did order humalog insulin yesterday i heard it was the best for bodybuilders get out of your system faster
another question i alreadly done five cycles so will i still make gains off of insulin by itself????????????????
I am thinking of going to a longer acting slin. It only makes sense that if you want gains(muscle), the longer the slin is active the more nutrients to be shuttled into the muscles. The diet has to be strict, but results should be awsome. Also, no peaks. And the sides will be easier to handle.
can you use eca stack on the day off of insulin to help with weight loss i use the eca stack for a training booster can i still use before i work out ?????????????
If you do up your calories closer to 10 gr of carbs per iu. If your metabolism is going fast then you will use more of the carbs than insulin alone.
so can i use the eca stack when you are on the insulin??????????????
can you go and buy insulin r at walmart?????????
In this study it was shown that modest chronic hyperinsulinemia (24 - 72 hours) reduces glucose uptake & glycogen synthase activity.
A significant decrease in lipid oxidation was also noticed.

Basal lipid oxidation (24-h group: 0.96 ± 0.14; 72-h group: 0.82 ± 0.06 mg · kg FFM1 · min1) decreased significantly after 24 h (0.22 ± 0.16 mg · kg FFM1 · min1, P < 0.01) and 72 h (0.23 ± 0.13 mg · kg FFM1 · min1, P < 0.01) of continuous low-dose insulin infusion

"sustained physiological euglycemic hyperinsulinemia for 48-72 h reduced insulin-mediated total body glucose uptake and nonoxidative glucose metabolism in healthy subjects "

"In the present study, we demonstrate that 24 and 72 h of sustained physiological hyperinsulinemia specifically inhibits the ability of insulin to increase nonoxidative glucose disposal [which primarily represents glycogen formation (44)] by 34 (P < 0.05) and 58% (P < 0.01), respectively, in association with an impaired ability of insulin to stimulate glycogen synthase activity."

"In summary, 24-72 h of sustained physiological hyperinsulinemia, in the range of fasting insulin concentrations observed in insulin-resistant conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus, impaired the ability of insulin to increase glycogen synthase activity and to augment insulin-mediated nonoxidative glucose metabolism. These experimentally induced abnormalities in glycogen synthase activity and nonoxidative glucose disposal closely mimic disturbances seen in conditions characterized by hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. including obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, and type 2 diabetes mellitus"
ive been impressed with insulin. it does what its suposed to if used right. im thinking of using a combo of humalin r and humalog when i start my cycle.
I think beginners should use humalog, predictable peak, in and out quick, eaier to use. But i use humalog and humulin mix, humulin is more anabolic, but diet needs to be on more, peak is sometimes hard to predict. I go with and 8/7 mix, humalog/humulin.
i was gonna try an 8/8 mix post workout. mybe 10 with the log. ive been using 16 iu's of log lately.
I usually take my popst workout shake immedatley after shot, then I wait till i feel a bit sleepy, and make my 1st solid meal, because usually about 10-15 minutes after that, the humulin peaks for me. So it varies anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. I just usually sit and home and watch TV, until i feel sleepy. This is why I dont like humulin for beginners, its peak can pop right up on you.