insulin gains

bro got a question is up with my muscle before i work out i do stretches and warm-ups and even if i do a little pussy ass work out muscle my muscle will get so dam pulled i take vitamins and protein out the ass and it talkes 3-4 days for my muscle to well up so what do you think i am missing this is my work out and i have tried to take a week off and start to work out again and the same thing happens that was the only reason i thought of using insulin to see if that works
even when i was on roids it took a long time to well up after a work out and yes my stuff was real because started out at 190 -230 now i think my genictis suck really bad what do you think?????????????
i now that i keep asking question just one more please design me a perfect meal to take after slin to have the less fat in it and get the most protein and glutamine and creatine and carbs????????????
i like to get big but not to much fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like said above bud, start off safe. start with 10g of simple carbs per iu of slin, 50 or so protein, 10 creatine, glutimine if you wish.after awhile of doing this you will get the feel for the slin and then and only then at your own caution and extreme carefullness lower carbs abit by say 1 g per iu until you fell hypo abit. have something sweet on hand always,pop, candies, dextrose ect. just incase. once you find this sweet spot id go a little higher to be safe. slin is nothing to joke about or do unless you know all that can happen. i have never done slin yet, but have been reading about it for prob 1.5 years now and may try it this summmer. just be safe and smart about it and listen to your body and you should be fine.
how many time do i need to take the 10 grams to every i.u of carbs when insulin i active or you just do it one time after your take you shot of insulin????
The 10 gr is a suggestion fo 15 minutes after your first shot. THen you can go lower. Once you get used to slin 10 gr may be over shooting. I would suggest you start at 7 gr/iu and if you feel shakey have the simple carbs handy!
when you guy are adding up your carbs do you add the ones in the protein shake and the milk that you drink wih it or do i need just to add on the 10grams of each i.u. with the carbs of my protein drink and milk???????????????????????????????????????
No here is what you want to do as a safe bet until you get a feel for insulin. Please don't start off cocky it is a good way to mess yourself up REAL bad, like dead kind of bad. Once you get used to how slin hits you and what not, then move your carbs down. Especially if you are using Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) or eca/nyc/t3/clen at the same time because they all up the amount of calories your body will use at any given time.

Shoot slin
15 min. later 10 gr per iu simple carbs
30 min after slin protein shake, I go with a 30/70 mix of carbs/protien
usually 20 gr carbs and 40-50 grm protient (two cups of milk and a scoop of optimum protein)
1 hr - 1.25 hr after slin shot, good healthy meal 2:1 ratio of carbs:pro.

And be sure and keep carbs handy. Carry a bottle of coke or two just in case.

Remember if your new, respect slin and start of low 5 iu and move up slowly. Even at 5 iu it will give you gains, and get you used to slin so you can be safe.
the protein shake that i bought was 40 grams of carbs and 40grams of protein and 5 grams of creatine and of glutamine that is all in one serving what do you think??
My tolerance to slin is very high actually :)
The 30/70 is after an all carb drink before that also so the ration approaches 100:60 if you count the 15 min drink and the 30 min drink together.

About the protein shake mix drink it at the 30 minute mark with some milk after you have had a all carb drink at 10gr/iu at the 15 min mark and it should be good to go. Or add about 60 gr of carbs to it and drink it right after and have another serving in 20 -30 mins.
i shoot humalog, then use 65g of malo, and 50g whey isolate, then 30 minutes later have a solid meal with complex carbs and lean protein about 50/50 c/p.