insulin gains

okay guys i just bought some novolin R is that the same name as humulin R the needles i bought was 3/10cc and 29 gaugex1/2inch
is that the right needle????????
the protein and glum and carbs i bought was by optimun it is new it has 40 grams of protein and 40grams of carbs and 5 grams of
L glutamine per serving and it has 5 grams of creatine monohydrate
per serving too how many serving should i take ?????????????????

advise is needed very badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im not sure what syringes you have. you need u100 for slin. there 1 cc and have measurements in units. try to get 100 grams dextrose, 50 grams protein, 5-10 grams creatine, 5-10 grams glutamine post shot. then a regular meal about 45 mins-1 hour later.
if the slin your using is 100 units/ml then you need u-100 syringes. if you got both at the pharmacy the same time, then chances are they gave you the right pins.
they say for use with u-100 insulin only. 30 units or less
3/10cc 29 gauge x 1/2" length
that what the package says on it
what do you think of the protein shake that i just bought
it has 40 grams of protein and 40grams of carbs and glutamine 5 grams and 5grams of creatine in each serving so how many serving do i need??????? and i do have some optimum regular protien shake each serving has 22grams of protien and 2.5 of glutamine
and i do have some carb force handy
the name of the protein is after max post workout maximum recovery
made by optimum

i just asking alot of questions to make sure i don't fuck up i only get one chance
I think you'd be better off waiting until you were on to use it, I wouldn't use it while I was off, I'd get too fat.

Using slin while dieting doesn't make a ton of sense too me, I think you'd be better off saving it till you're bulking. ECA stacks make you insulin resistant while they're active, but I'm sure exo slin is powerful enought to overcome it, but if you could avoid taking them around the same time I would.

I would use log, but since you already have Hum-R I guess you're just gonna use it anyway, just be careful.

Use the post workout shake you have, just add 50gm carbs or so from dextrose or another fast acting sugar. You need to try and get 10gm per 1 IU, and even though you CAN go lower than that after a while, don't try it now.
SLIN DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT! Eating to much makes you fat.

Know your body, and the number of calories you can take in. Even if you eat at maintanance level while on slin you will gain muscle in my experience. 10 gr/IU might make you fat. I work out in the am before any meal, so by the time I am done my body is very carb depleted, and after shooting 10 iu of slin I still don't need 10 gr/iu to stay hypo free.

Slin while dieting can be done. I've used it during keto to keep from leaving a ketogenic state. I would shoot 4-5 iu humalog post work out, drink a 80 gr carb shake and be set. I actually added some strength while loosing weight. But you MUST listen to your body if you want to try that.

Slin converts excess carbs and excess fat to fat with equal love. If the shake is under the number calories your body needs a few grams of fat will not hurt you. Besides you would need 350 gr of excess fat per week to gain a pound of fat IF slin just shoved all the fat you ate into body fat and only if those 350 gr of fat came while the slin was active.
so you mean the time after you use slin is the most time you gain fat
about when you are on your off day of slin do you still gain fat
like this
i work out on a three day on and two day off plan
the two day that i am off of slin will i still gain fat just like when on my work days when i am on slin
and when i am on slin days is it okay just to stay with protein shakes and a little chicken after the slin shot
The only time your body will gain fat on or off of slin is when you eat more calories than you need.

People see slin as a "shuttling agent" and take that to mean that if you eat sugar/carbs it goes into glucose liver/muscle/brain. If you eat protien then it shoves it into muscle, and if you eat fat it turns it automaitcally into fat. From the reading I've done insulin can better be described as a repair agent. When you eat carbs and fat it process it in the liver to use for energy and glucose resupply. If pushes all it can into muscle (more than your body will do with out extra insulin) and the same with protein. When you have to many calories for your body to use then it begins to store it as fat for later. Granted if you eat 100 gr of fat post work out your probably going to see it storing fat, but if you eat a normal post work out shake and a healthy meal your not going to just swell up with fat. I assume you know body well, the number of cal you need and what ratio of carbs/protein you respond to or need after a work out. If you don't have a handle on your diet and training slin isn't the best option get your act together then add to it.

If you use slin on work out or non-work out days it just depends on how much of different nutrients you need when you shoot it. Obviously post work out yoru body will handle carbs and protein much better because your muscles need repair and glucose. I would stick with slin post-work out at first and see how you like it. The likely hood of gaining fat is higher on non-work out days if you don't know your body well.
Just to clarify. A few posts up someone mentioned Wal-mart and slin. Are you saying that slin is available at Wal-Mart? Meaning you can buy it w/o a prescription. Or are you talking about the pharmacy at Wal-Mart?
is okay to take eca stack on your day off of slin to help on lose fat that you have may have gained on slin
doesn't eca usually get out of your body within 6-8 hours this is what i am talking about
sun day off/ use eca/ do not use slin
mon work out on/ do not use/ slin use
tues work out on/ do not use/ slin use
wed work out on/ do not use/ slin use
thurs work out on/ do not use/ slin use
fri day off/ use eca/ do not use slin
this what i was think of please answer
Altough caffiene decreases insulin sensitivty, it will very little while using exo slin, maybe the difference of 1iu, i always use ECA or NYC while using slin, on or off.
crazymike said:
Just to clarify. A few posts up someone mentioned Wal-mart and slin. Are you saying that slin is available at Wal-Mart? Meaning you can buy it w/o a prescription. Or are you talking about the pharmacy at Wal-Mart?

Humalin R is available OTC with out a script. Humalog is prescription only.