insulin gains

Yep humalog will change it also, I use hum-r cheaper and no script so the timing and duration are a little different for eating.
Just a little update, I don't know if anyone remembered all the talking me and ironmaster did about long acting slin, Anyway I've started my cycle (bout a month in) and I'm using humilin N in the morn (as well as log postworkout) and I've had great success with it, I'm up to 20IU's ED and it's really easy to use, never gone hypo, not getting any fatter than I would bulking w/o it, this is by far my best cycle as far as strength gains (5x5 working great) and my skinny ass finally broke 200, I'm at 205, but ended my diet at 175 so. My muscles just feel so much fuller, like I have a pump all the time (as long as I'm eating enough). Just thought I'd share my success with N, I just rarely hear about guys using it, when really it's much easier than log.
that's a pretty lazy thing to say, and that's coming from a lazy guy........frankly if you're not working out you shouldn't be here