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Hey ladies! Just wanted to let u know that I'm trying a new product out. It's called Lipo-solv. It's a transdermal fat reduction product containing yohimbine and DMSO. I'm going to begin using it tomorrow. I will let u know my progress with it. It's always exciting to find a new product that may potentially help us in our never ending quest for our perfect shape! Cheers!;)
I should also mention that it's a sponge top applicator so it will be easy to apply. I'll be using it twice a day,once in the morning and once in the evening. I'll keep u posted!:D
Someone told me about something called Thiomucase Cream / (Mucopolisaridasa)

Havent done any research on it yet, just wondered if anyone had heard of it?

The reason I thought this one would be great to try is because i'm doing a contest prep right now and i've got three weeks left on my diet.I've used straight yohimbine before and it works great to get that final layer off of the lower body. I've never used a transdermal before and at my current low level of bodyfat, I'm thinking it should just give me that finishing touch. I guess I'll just give it a shot and see how it works! This is a mock contest prep so I wanted to try it early instead of later. I'm currently sitting at around 12 or 13% bodyfat. I'd like to be at 10% for the show. :p
First application this morning, shit does it smell
Thank god the smell went away when it dried. ;)
How much did it cost? Hopefully the DMSO doesn't start to wreak...keep me posted on the results!!

Did you get the tanning product yet?
phoenixphyre said:
How much did it cost? Hopefully the DMSO doesn't start to wreak...keep me posted on the results!!

Did you get the tanning product yet?

I think it goes for around $115Canadian so that's like $70US or something like that.
oh, it is the DMSO that stinks, yuck it smells
I emailed the tanning company cuz i still haven't got my product. Fucking Canada Customs!!!
I'll definitely keep u posted though Phoenix!
Frye I had a chat with the lab and he said that he was going to add a Rose scent to it so hopefully that will smell a little better ;)
It only smells when u apply it at it's nasty.
I think a peppermint scent would be better don't u?
Just make sure you don't start getting that garlicky taste in your mouth...that's one thing I don't like about DMSO is that the smell comes out of your pores....
Hey Fyre..
just a thought.. since you are 3 weeks out..

i know that Yohimibine HCL topically applied in a dmso or the like will cause your body to hold water.. so i wonder if this stuff you are trying will also hold water..
Something to keep in mind, especially since you are so close and really can't afford extra water..
I definitely think the Peppermint would be better ;) And SG is right about water retention. Make sure you drop that about 2-3 weeks out
hmmmm....good point on the water retention. This is my mock contest prep so maybe i should wait to use it until after my three weeks are up. I've put a lot of hard work into this diet so I think perhaps that's a good idea that i hold off until i'm done this diet.
Thanks for pointing that out ladies. ur the best!
Oh shit, i just remembered, I have a photoshoot scheduled for July 4th.
I certainly don't want to be holding water for
I think perhaps to be safe, i'll stop using it until after the shoot.
Damn, I really wanna know if this stuff works!:p