My buddy is starting his girl on gear


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My buddy is starting his girl on gear

A buddy of mine has decided to start his girl on some gear. She is 24yrs old and has been training naturally since high school. She is pretty lean and about 5'3 110lbs. She is basically looking to increase her LBM and increase her strength without putting on alot of size or having sides such as deep voice, incereased hair growth, ect. I am recommending her to try 15 mg of anavar (3 tabs a day) for 10 weeks. The tabs she will be using are C&K anavar ( same as BD, tested out to be 5.37mg each). My question is what sides have you ladies experienced at similiar doses? Any feedback is appreciated.
Var is a great drug for women. It has a very low toxicity on the liver, and minimal sides. I've done it twice. One alon, another with Prop. Alone, all I experienced was a little acne... that's it. It hardened me up pretty well, and I gained about 3-4 LBM. For women to gain good LBM, and keep it, DIET is imperative. It's hard enough for women, much harer than menm to gain and KEEP muscle. So once she decides to get on, MAKE SURE she has a proper diet. IF you she needs diet help, I have several that will help, Just PM me, or let me know!
i personally get ZERO sides from anavar.. Most woman fend fairly well with it, although some have reported nose bleeds and menstrual irregularities, mild acne etc..

RS is right.. DIET is imperative!!
Thanks for the responses ladies. I have also stressed to her the importance of her diet. AS are a complete waste if you don't have a proper diet and training routine to go with it.
I lose my period on 10mgs of var.. not that Im complaining.. but no other sides!