my ninety one lb. gain in 20 weeks



here's a back shot...
nov. 2nd i weighed in at 176lbs (sac show), and i am now up to 267lbs.

MVMAXX took these pics about two weeks ago when i weighed 262lbs.

first time posting a lets see if it works!!!
20 years old,
6'0" tall

1gram of test,
50mg dbol
400mg e/q

check out the 24" rimmies on the denali next to me :)
3-4 prev. cycles

thanks stone,
my groceries are way more than the cost of my cycle (serious)
Ok, I'm going home to find the "before pics". LOL

You've seriously come a long way bro. You're back is huge. :eek2:
i know 91lbs sounds a little fishy, but MVMAXX will back me up on this...
speak of the devil...
no please, MV...not the skinny swimmer boy pix
B-legit said:
heck out the 24" rimmies on the denali next to me :)

Nice wheels :)

Curious if you can take off weight (fat) as amazingly fast as you can put it on? the only way I could put on 90 pounds in a whole year would involve 35% body fat :)
yeah, i hear ya,
my whole family is giving me a very hard time about the weight. Yesterday i tried to take my blood pressure at safeway but my arm wouldn't fit in the cuff. Im starting to diet down.

not sure,
we'll see as i will start dieting. I went from 220 to 176 for the sac show pretty easy in about 8 weeks.