MY bulk cycle log.


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Ok I am going to keep this log to track my progress. I am starting this cycle on Sunday.

Weeks 1-4 Dbol 40mg/day
Weeks 1-10 Test Enth. 500mg/week
Weeks 1-10 EQ 400mg/week
Weeks 9-12 Dbol 40/40/30/20-day, respectively

Weeks 13-15 Clomid 150/100/100
Nolva on hand
Armidex on hand if bloat gets out of hand.

Liver protectants:
Milk Thistle-1500mg/day
Cranberry juice.
Saw Palmetto-1200mg/day

Current Weight-201 lbs.

I will also post pictures periodically to show results.

Here is what I look like right now.
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Good luck w/ ur cycle bro..u should definately see good gains..i'm using dbol for my 1st time and i'm up 20 pounds in 3 weeks...keep us updated on how things go
Started Sunday 2/23/03
Day 1

Dbol- 40mg
Test E.- 250mg
EQ- 200mg

This was my first shot in like 3 months so, I took it real slow. I made sure I did everything right.
I heated it under hot water to reduce pain, since I have heard that the Enth. can cause pain.
So far everything went well. There is really no pain yet. It has been a day so far and I only have slight pain. Actually I wouldn't even call it pain, it is just a little sore, enough to tell where I injected it.

My eating was pretty good. I will post my daily food intake tomorrow. I usually eat the same stuff daily, so you will get an idea.

I am very excited, I can't wait to start gaining some weight finally!!
looks good bro you cant go wrong with eth and dbol , and the eq should make a nice addition
Monday-Day 2


Training-Back Day
Nothing different, it is only day 2, so no improvements as of yet.


645A- 8 Egg Whites, 2 Whole Eggs, 1.5c Oatmeal, 1c Strawberries
930A- 8oz Ground Beef(90%), 4oz Red Potatoe, 1c Brocolli
1000A- 1c Cranberry Juice
1230P- 6oz Steak, 4oz Potatoe, 1c Brocolli
230P- Canned Chicken
330P- 6oz Steak, 4oz Potatoe, 1c Brocolli
700P- Post Workout Shake
830P- 60z Steak/Turkey Fajitas, 1c Asparagus
1030P- Protein shake in Milk

Totals- Fat-91; Carbs-314, Protein-394; Calories-3,298

I am going to add a protein shake at 1100A, to up my calories and protein.
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Tuesday-Day 3

So far my right leg(injection site) is hurting more than yesterday.
I think my workout yesterday irritated it more.
I think I am going to switch to weekly injections on Sunday instead of bi-weekly. This way my body can heal before I inject again. I know when I inject one Wed. it is going to be sore for my leg workout on Thurs. I don't want to take the chance and mess up my leg workout.

So I will inject on Wed., but then I will do it once a week on Sunday.
Tuesday-Day 3 Cont.


Training- Day Off


645A- 8 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1.5c oatmeal, 1c blueberries
930A- 6oz steak, 4oz potatoe, 1c brocolli, 1c cranberry juice
1100A- Protein shake in water
1230P- 6oz steak, 4oz potatoe, 1c brocolli
330p- 8oz ground beef, 4oz potatoe
530P- Protein/Carb shake in water
730P- Protein bar
830P- 6oz steak fajita, green beans
1030P- Protein shake in 12oz Milk

Totals- Fat-91, Carb-332, Protein-444, Calories-3903

I put a heat pad on my thigh to reduce the pain, hopefully it will help!
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Wed.-Day 4

Woke up and the pain is reducing in my thigh. I think I injected it too low on my thigh, near the tear drop. So that is one of the reasons it is hurting. Everytime I walk the muscle flexes!
So I inject tonight, and this time I will do it a little higher up.
Damn, this is the kind of journal we can truly learn from. You're helping out the community here and I appreciate it. I'm sure you'll get some killer results if you keep up this kind of dedication!
Thank you.
One thing I noticed is that I am eating all the time. My diet is usually like this, but I thought I was taking in more calories than this. I am full all day. I cannot believe that I am not even past 4000 calories!

Oh well. I will just keep eating!
Wed- Day 4
Weight - 205!!
Yep up 3 pounds! I have not seen 205 on the scale in a few months! So I can tell the cycle is working.

2nd injection-250mg/Test, 200mg/EQ
Did it in my right glute. Went in smooth, hopefully this one will be better than the first!!

Workout was very good! I can feel the dbol kicking in. The pumps are getting very good. I felt strong, probably more of a mental thing.


645A-8 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1.5c oatmeal, 1c peaches
830A- Protein Bar
930A- 6oz Steak, 4oz potatoe, 1c Brocolli
1130A- Protein Shake in water
1230P- 6oz steak, 4oz potatoe
330P- Protein/Carb Shake in water
530P- 8oz Ground Beef, 4 oz Potatoe
900P- Post workout Shake
1000P- Protein Shake in 12oz Milk

Totals: Fat-81, Carb-387, Pro-439, Calories-4013

Leg is hurting more. It is getting red so I started taking some medication to stop the infection(I think that is what is happening)
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Thursday- Day 5

I stayed home from work today. Last night was not very good. I had a lot of cold sweats, I could not get to sleep, no matter how tired I felt. My leg was bothering me, etc. Just not a good night.
So I decided to stay home and get better. I am supposed to work legs tonight, but I am going to postpone it until my leg is healed.
Thursday-day 5


Training- Day off(Thigh is hurting)

Diet-(Day off work so eating was a little off)

630A- Protein Bar
945A- Protein/Carb Shake in 12oz Milk
1230P- 8 Egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1.5c oatmeal, 1c strawberries
230P- 8oz ground turkey, 4oz potatoe
400P- protein shake in water
600P- 8oz ground turkey, 4oz potatoe, brocolli
830P- 8oz ground turkey, brocolli
1000P- Protein shake in 12oz milk

Totals- Fat-80, Carb-311, Pro-397, Calories- 3537
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Friday- Day 6

Dbol- 40mg

So far my leg feels like it is getting better. I am still taking the antibiotics to get rid of the infection. I am also taking Naproxen for the pain. So it is feeling better today. At least I can walk somewhat normal!

I am going to skip on legs altogether this week. I hate to skip legs, but I feel it is the best thing to do.

My glute injection from Wed. is doing very good. So far the pain is minimal, hopefully it stays the way it is!

Training- Day off


645am- 8 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1.5c oatmeal, 1c strawberries
930am- 6oz Steak, 4oz potatoe, brocolli
1100am- protein shake in water
1230pm- 1/2 chicken rotisserrie, 1c green beans, 1c sweet potatoes(Boston Market!!)
330pm- 8oz Ground Beef, Brocolli
600pm- 6oz chicken, 1.5c chinese noodles
1000pm- protein shake in 120z milk
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