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There are a lot of members that have been on here for a while that probably know each other very well already. There are also a lot of newer members, me being one, and I myself would like to know a little more about some of the people on the boards. How long have you been training, what your goals are, if you are competitive or plan to compete yadda yadda yadda.

I'll kick things off and tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 5'8", 145lbs, right now bodyfat sitting around 13%. I'm thinking of doing a fitness show in April so that'll have to come down a little. My goals from the beginning have always been to put on as much muscle on my body as I can and stay lean. I"m still not where I want to be muscle wise, but i have done everything that i have done naturally, so it's time to step it to the next level for me.
I've been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years now and can't say I'd rather be doing anything else career wise. I truly love what I do. I enjoy helping people reach their fitness/bodybuilding goals, whatever they may be. Hmmmm.....anything else? I think that's about all I have to say for now.

It's someone elses turn to take the mic!:)
Welcome to the board hun!

Are you an aerobics instructor? personal trainer?

Are you single? J/k!!HAHHA!!
Hey Nicole! No, not an aerobics instructor, gave that up about 5 years ago. It's funny, I found a lot of aerobic instructors very...ummm...what's the word? I think caddy would be a good word to use. Yes, I am a personal trainer, been doing it for about 15 years now. I also own a pro-shop so that ties up most of my time. I don't do much personal training now because I don't have a lot of extra time outside of the shop. I do however, love working with bodybuilders and fitness competitors. They work their asses off and I know they're serious about their goals.
Your turn Nicole!;)
Well, I am not a female, but sure do like the look of them...
So I am going to reply anyway.
I'm about 5'8 and weigh in around 220 with 18% bf at the moment, three weeks into a cutting routine so the bf will come down soon enough. Been training for over 12 years, with a shit load of different routines, and even familiar with over training. Wish I had known about over training when I first started training, no tell what kind of gains I could have gotten if I would have take it a little easier... Either that or learned to diet properly... My best gains have deffinitely come these past 3 years, since I started getting help from a close friend on the diet side of things.
I am hoping to get down to around 10 or 12% bf, before starting another bulking cycle in April/May...
Welcome Mystical! I think at one point in all of our training, we've all experience the Overtraining thing and never realized it. The fact that you recognized it and learned from it, is a gain in itself.
Again, welcome to the boards.
Ok here goes nothing..

My name is Nicole haha Yes my REAL name!

I just turned 30 mother of one lovely 10 year old daughter...

I started working out right after I had my daughter.. I was always fit in college with my sports until I got proegnant.. so after leaving school and having a baby- I took a job part time working the front desk at a small health club- this sparked an interest in weight and group fitness..

I got my primary aerobics certification and began teaching classes as well- from there I switched gyms got a job- personal training as well as sales and tours at a larger gym.. eventually when my daughter started school- I had to get a full time day job.. working nights and weekends were not allowing me to spend time with my baby girl-- I continued teaching aerobics nights and weekends just to supplement my income.. as well as my addicton to the gym...

Finally last year I ran my first cycle of anavar last Feb.. had great results-- I felt strong and lean..

Right now- Im working mothers hours at my day job and teaching about 10 classes a week- 8 hours of which is cardio :( so my time for my own owrkouts as well as lifting- has dwindled to only a couple hours a week.. I feel like a cardio bunny- Im finishing up my second low dose cycle of var- pretty much I think its just helping me maintain my muscle.. (waay to much cardio) Anyhow in a couple months my scedule at the gym will change and will allow me more time to get back into the weights! I cant wait!
Hi everyone!

I'm about 5'7 and a half; 125 lbs, haven't had my bodyfat measured in a while, but I'll guess around 16%. I'm a California native and work as a Visual FX animator for the film industry and freelance as a Graphic Designer between films. I started working out when I was in college and have kept it up since.

During college, I worked in an all female gym for a while and I received my certification from Pierce College in the San Fernando Valley.

I'm currently on break, so this allows me to train alot more right now (unless I'm glued to this board! :D). Hopefully, I'll be back at work soon and possibly find a happy medium between training and work!
Ok my turn :p I'm 5'9, 178 been lifting for the past 13 yrs. Really got back into over the past 1.5 yrs.

First started lifting like a madwoman when I was in the military. I'm trying to add as much muscle as possible and still look feminine.

I'm a mod at bodybuilding4life and right now I'm two weeks into a cutting cycle BOO! :mad:

Forgot to add:
36 yrs old, have a 13 yr old son and a wonderful love muffin/hunny bunny :D
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Nice! Keep em coming ladies!! Nice to see Im not the only mom on the boards!
Oh they're cute!

Okay, I know there's more women on this board then just us.
Come on ladies, don't be shy. Guys, you feel free to hop in here too!
Fyre said:
Oh they're cute!

Okay, I know there's more women on this board then just us.
Come on ladies, don't be shy. Guys, you feel free to hop in here too!
well most of the girls on this board know how I am, I will problly be chasing you around the board soon also. :D anyways, I compete nationally in the NPC, im doing the USA's this july. i love women and the women love me. :cool: :69:
well most of the girls on this board know how I am, I will problly be chasing you around the board soon also. :D anyways, I compete nationally in the NPC, im doing the USA's this july. i love women and the women love me. :cool: :69:

Well then, let the fun begin!:rockband:
ok Fyre.. this is for you :)

supergirl is a 27yr old personal trainer of 7 yrs... been lifting since 18 in college. Was a cheerleader, dancer, competed in equestrian, etc.. so i was always athletic. I am naturally muscular, so gaining is quite easy for me, however getting really lean is a challange... but the good thing is my body responds unbelievably well... I have actutally been researching growth hormone since 95'.. the reason why?.. i was on the debate team in college and i had to debate why gh should be used for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in adults... so that opened the doors to my interest in "supplements" My first cycle was May of 99'.. i had been training so hard for so long and kept hitting plateaus.. i wanted that extra edge, plus the thought of competing was always in my mind... so i started with primo for 4 weeks and then switched over to anavar... 2nd cycle was anavar and gh... this put me into the best shape of my life... 140lbs @ 13% and i am 5'5... i was 8 weeks out of my first show and then fell down a flight of stairs.. iinjured my right glute and back, so that took me out of the game... and i basically got burned out.. i am in the gym all the time with clients, plus myself and dieting.. it kills ya after awhile... BUT all this got me where i am today and all the experience i can share with others to help them on their journey...

This past January i started up my 3rd cycle.. gh, anavar and fina... i am so excited about this one as it got me remotivated and psyched again... I still want to compete in either fitness or figure.. not sure which yet.. Currently i am 153 and probably 18%..

Other than that... my clients include alot of women, male competitors and i also have had the pleasure of working with alot of pro bodybuilders... I am pretty involved in the sport and go to alot of shows, so i have made a lot of friends in this industry, which is great as we are a cult lol It is nice to "ask the pros" what they use, what they suggest.. etc... BUT i am very serious about this sport and i know what works and the "right" way to get results..

Other than that... i am not married, no kids, but one really awesome black cat i have had since college... I want to one day own a gym, star in a action film :uzi: (i am a SAG actor) and do some fitness print work... Living right outside the greatest city in the world (NYC) provides me with alot of opportunites and the nightlife kicks ass too!!

I moderate here obviously :) as well as on anasci, cuttingedgemuscle, and mass university... this all keeps me pretty damn busy lol... but i am always here to help as much as i can...

that's all folks :wiggle: