Next cycle before shoulder surgery


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hey boys so everything went well with the last abscess that i had... cleared up 100% no operation needed...

jut saw the surgeon the other day on friday for the surger i've been putting off for the last 4 yers or so... in december i am having athroscopic shoulder reconstruction which sucks cause i'm out of commition for 6 months because of it...
the cycle i'm planning is gona be hard and long to get all of the gains i possibly can and strengthen the shoulder so that i can hopefully cut the recovery time..
so this is what i'm plannin on...

1st option:
sust eod feb-october
tren e 600-800mg/week feb-oct

2nd option;
test e 1000mg/week feb - oct
tren e 600-800mg/eek feb - oct stop taking in 2 weeks before i cut m test

i will be runing HCG through the entire cycle and sm gonns be uding aifm

i'm leaning more towards option 2 jut because t'll be cheaper but i would love to do the Sustanon (sust) it's been a while since i've used it

cheers boys!
i have to have my shoulder completely reconstructed... i tore my labrum and all the tendons and ligamens are fucked... i can stll do all m heavy lifts but i know that once i have the surgery and recover i will be lifig better than ever because i won't be worried about blowing my shoulder out doing maxbench or somethin
wasn't asking for anyone to tell me to do it or not .. this is gonna be y 4th or 5th cycle with my shoulder bein like this...but i apreciate the concern
crushershockey said:
wasn't asking for anyone to tell me to do it or not .. this is gonna be y 4th or 5th cycle with my shoulder bein like this...but i apreciate the concern
Just had mine done bro and the best advice I can give is dont do any....and get the surgery. You can act crazy if you like but I am telling you like it is.
i just figure why waste that many months not doing much and trainig natty when i can size up as much as i can so that when i'm immobilized for the 1-2 months i don't lose as much size or my recovery will be 10x better that way
You could save the dosh and spend it on a good cycle of HGH post surgery this would speed up recovery, maybe even run a low dose of Anavar (var) as there are lots of reports of it being used post surgery...If you still run the cycle it will be even tougher to keep the gains on hospital food and being bandaged up...seems a bit of a waste.

good luck either way
plus all that muscle you put on is going to go to shit, and you will probly get fat because you wont be able to do anything physical for atleast 2 months. I've heard bad things about those surgeries. I suggest you start cutting as much as possilbe.
i was planning on doing a lot of cutting towards the end of the cycle... but i see what you guys are sayin... and the post surgery isn't too bad... few of my buds got it done and they are fine for size wise and didn't put on the fat during it... i acn still do cardio and things it's just gonna be tough...
why not runn some test instead while your recovering from your shoulder so u dont loose much muscle. a small amount like 250
I've had three shoulder surgeries. Globally torn Labrum, torn rotator, and severed my biceps tendon. After my last surgery (Bankart lesion) I took a low dose of test 100mg test prop eod and it has helped recovery tremendously. I’m a throwing athlete, so I’ve been through it all with the shoulder. If you have any questions let me know.
that's what i was going to do... i wanna gonna run some test enenthate or osmehting 300-400mg/week for recovery to help speed up process... but my pre-surgery cycle i'm running 400mg test cyp, 400mg tren e, 400mg deca and i'm gonna run hcg so i don't shut down... i'm gonna run that from either feb or march all the way through to october, i'll most likely cycle on and off the tren throughout the cycle..

but thanks rookie thats awesome that someone here can relate with the surgery...
I believe your system should be clear for surgery, especially if they are going to be using general anesthetics. They can have trouble waking your up I've heard, maybe someone could confirm.
After the second surgery I used eq @400 a week. I had read somewhere it helped with tendons and cartilage. But I didn't feel it helped at all. The test worked wonders!
talk this over with the buddy just had his knee done.acl replaced.his doc told him to come off completely for a good 16 weeks before his surgery.he didn't have any problems at all,and now is on another cycle.he went right back on after the surgery.he loved the test afterwards.

i like the 2 option best.