Official statement on Chip Wadowski..... From one of the men behind the curtain.

Out of respect for Chip and his family we waited for clarity on the situation to avoid fueling the rumor mongers. A few of us behind the sense invested a lot of time and energy in Chip. In Fact Maximus would have never been if we didn't help Chip. He was very vocal about that. We consider Chip a friend and had hoped that an honest statement would be forth coming from the Family. Instead we received a heart felt proclamation of his families love for him ( I can appreciate this. )

Unfortunately the statement that was sent to us from the family ignored mentioning the facts with the delusion of maintaining a false view of who the Man really was. I was very disappointed in this. Truth be told we have been very disappointed about a lot of things that brought Chip to this point.

The Families statement is Chip passed away last week. He was loved and he was a great guy with a big heart who helped a lot of people. Please respect his memory. There was a bit more to it but that is the truthful realistic part.

In Memory of Charles "Chip" John Wadowski III

I will agree with this. But don't feel it does him justice. It ignores who Chip really was. How he lived his life and how he died, the challenges he faced. The failures and his successes.

We will Take this time to allow his family to morn the loss of there brother. I have much more to say regarding the Chip Wadowski.

I say celebrate the good works of his life.

I invite you all to respectfully express your sentiments in this post.

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Words cannot express just how much Chip helped so many of us here. Not only was he a good man but he was a leader of men. It was through his compassion and his genuine interest in each and every one of his clients that set him and Maximus apart from the rest. You were the reason I didn't give up in my divorce bro. As soon as you found out that she left and took the kids you called and gave me a pep talk that inspired me. I was at my lowest low and like an angel out of the gloom you extended your hand and pulled me out of the muck. You will be greatly missed, and you are still loved by many. It is a sad day when such a man passes. Chip you have and will forever have my utmost gratitude and respect. May you walk the streets of gold forever big guy.
This thread is about Chips memory and paying respect. HE was our friend and I will post the rest after Chip is in the ground and his family has had a chance to morn him.
Chipster! What can one honestly say about a person who changes their life? Thanks? Its not enough and never will be, i still remember the first day Chip called me, he says "hey BRO, ( his favorite word! Haha) are you ready to change your life, and feel like your you again?! Man i laughed and said HELL YAH MAN! I was very hesitant at first to join maximus, but i had the pleasure of talking to chip for about a month straight, emails, texts, phone calls, he answered all my questions made me feel like i was part of the MAXIMUS BROTHER HOOD!! and always always had a positive attitude towards me and WANTED TO HELP! He was always there when we needed a question answered, no matter what time it was! He truly loved what he did and understood what we were all going thru because he lived it, breathed it and did everything in his power to make sure u were taken care of! Man i still remember it like it was yesterday, and all the jokes and threads about trolling for woman! Haha man chip u were classic, one in a million type of dude who always kept it real!! No matter what


You know I just pray that anyone who knows chip, or his company, or who ever hears stories about chip down the road in both the internet and in life will paint him in a good light down the road!! We are here to remember what he did right not focus on any short commings the man had, because lets be honest we all have too many! Its time To shout out a prayer about him, the ones he left behind and the ones who will never ever have the joy of ever meeting him!

My condolences to his family, his nephews who wont get to hug the chipster anymore or get to play with him, and to his BRO MIKE! Your brother chip was an inspiration to all who followed him, repsected him and loved him! Do your big brother proud, dream big with MAXIMUS, live HIS DREAM the way ONLY YOU know he would have wanted it to be!!


Forever in our hearts and prayers! May you rest in piece!

Ps: thank you ology for giving chip and MAXIMUS a platform to help as many people, and to touch as many lives as he did!
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I was with chip for quite some time. He was a great man. In respect for him i will continue with his brother. He will be nissed by manu
My condolences to Mike and his family in this difficult time. Chip was a fantastic guy and a great listener. You have a Maximus client here for life.
I never got to know Chip personally but I read alot of what he wrote on the board. I read how much respect and trust everyone put in him. Thats what got me to get a hold of Maximus and his brother Mike. Its changed my life. Everything that Chip loved and held true is living on in Mike! My brother is my best friend. I can't imagine what you are going through man. Glad you are carrying on his vision and continue to change lives like you did mine.
We will miss you Bro!
You did so much to help so many people. We loved your personality and wit.
Mike- Our family will continue to pray for your loss. Stay proud, he was a good man.
No matter what I write, it's just not good enough. I really did feel like he was my brother. He sure treated me like one. Every Dr. I went to told me I was fine, and tried to give me some anti depressants, and what not (TT 288, with a pituitary issue). Chip was there for me. He listened to all my BS, and offered an ear to lean on. To me, he is a hero, and now a legend. I have real feelings when I hear his name. I just found out today, and am very sadden about it. I just wish that I knew him longer, and he was here to tell us stories.

Thank you Dreaded Pirate.
Chip was DAMN good people. I met Chip thru a referral from a few members here. After multiple docs said "oh 343, you're good it's within range" I found Ology and subsequently Chip.

From the first conversation I liked the guy. We became good friends over the last couple years and shared alot of laughs. I don't know what I will miss more, his knowledge, his friendship or his great sense of humor.

I could care less what anyone says or thinks about Chip Wadowski, I knew the real Chip. He shared, sometimes more than I wanted to know, at hours of the morning that I didn't want to know...LOL!

He was a friend that I also shared things with, that my wife of 20+ years doesn't know. With Chip's help, now she doesn't need to know and never will.

I know a little about what he was going thru and he did have some concerns, but it really isn't anyones business and now that the man is gone, there isn't a valid reason to drag his name thru the mud. As a matter-of-fact, only a complete and total fucking asshole would feel the need to do so.

Here's to you Chip... I hope you're in a better place, where ever you are and I for one will NEVER forget what you did for me.

Mike buddy... as I said to you recently, my sincerist condolences to you, your family and ALL of Chip's friends. He did a lot of good, for a lot of people and I will miss him.

agree chip was a great dude ,....helped many ,he will be missed, but his bro. is doing a good job also,:beertoast
Wow... What happened? I've been off the grid for a few months (just stupid busy with work/travel) and this? I sent Chip a note in April (maybe early April?) and he responded instantly - all was good... so I thought.

I didn't know Chip personally but felt we grew as friends over the months... in fact I sent him an iPad for Christmas because he had helped me so much. Great man who did more for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) than anyone else I know of.

My sincere condolences to his family... I'm very sorry.
I was shocked to hear of Chip's passing. I took a while to better put my thoughts to words.

I considered Chip a friend, and I dont think this forum will be as informative or entertaining with out his presence.

For those who did not know him , Chip would be the first to offer up an "atta-boy", he would be the guy that was first to call when he knew you needed a friend to talk with about lifes up and downs, he was the guy that shared his personal testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) journey with us all. He will be truly missed by many of us.

I have elected to continue my testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) treatment with Maximus.