Official statement on Chip Wadowski..... From one of the men behind the curtain.

WOW I finally read through this thread and all I can say is WTF

I liked chip very much and consider him a friend .

With that said,

You guys just can't come on to a sponsors forum and post emails of competitors etc who are not sponsors on the board here. What are you guys doing or hoping to accomplish by this? Anywhere else but ology and there would a lot of banned ppl I am sorry to say. If you don't want to use the current Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) sponsor don;t use them but please don't go trying to promote another company, It is a disrespect to ology, to the sponsor and moderators and even to members who care about this board and that is why I am injecting my 2 cents.

If you want to promote maximus go to either where they are sponsors or places that have no sponsors, hundred boards like that! why shit on ology?

nd for any members out there wanting to get on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and needing help in changing their lives, you are on ology, support our sponsors and go with the company helping to keep the lights on here which allows us to share info and help each other.

If you are currently using and like maximus stay with them but don't piss on ology or it's sponsors!!

Just stop it! act like grown me
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