Please Congratulate our newest Moderator......


Steelers = SuperBowl
DrVeejay. He has earned it and was someone that a lot of people already on the staff wanted as part of the team, not to mention he was someone that a lot of the members wanted to see as a Mod.

A very helpful guy and someone that we see fitting in very nicely as a Moderator.

His time has come. Congrats to him.
2 doc as mods thats great we are lucky to have such good mods.

Congrats to all well deserved for your valuable time helping us out!
For Free!
Congrats bro !!

I think I might have to go back to school and get a doctorate in something, just to keep up to the high standards you bring to the board !!
Dr. Mod! Excellent choice Boyz not that my opinion counts for shit:bawling: