pull overs


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ive just started doing pull overs for chest never done em before i remember arnie always used to do em! my chest is lacking so i thought id hit em !! since i been doing ive been getting these real weird feelings in my chest like sometimes it throbs or tingles sometimes cramps! just wondered if any1 else gets this when they first started doing em
when i first started doing them, I feel a very nice stretch all over my ribcage, triceps and lats. no tingles or anything. if your chest is lagging, concentrate on bench, bro. get it up
I've been doing pullovers for a few months now....haven't really seen much results from them yet...think i might drop them for a flye movement.
I don't believe pullovers are a chest exercise unless you're really looking bulk up that pec minor, LOL! It's more of a lat/tricep (long head) exercise.
I fuckin hate that exercise, kills my shoulders. Feels like a very unnatural movement.
I do them on my back day, concentrating on keeping my arms locked in the starting position and pulling more with my lats instead of my chest.
guess im the odd one out here. i love pullovers. i like keeping a flat bench behind the squat rack and doing a set right after a heavy set or a 20 repper squat. feels like my ribcage is coming out hard that way. A lot of talk about Arnold liking them. Yes he did he also said they were effective an would expand your ribcage if you do them consistently for at least a yr, I believe that. Pulloers also make my lats feel great.
AngryMuscles said:
20 rep squat followed by a pullover is the "squat and milk" routine..part of it

Pull-overs are most effective after an exercise like 20 rep squats because they help expand the ribcage and give the stretch needed after carrying all of that weight. I am a big fan of them in conjunction with 20 rep squats.
i'm still struggling with my 166, bro. last I did was 166x15. it bites so hard. honestly, people in the gym thinks it's easy because 166lbs sounds light...not light at all when it when beyond 10 reps. don't you journal, husky??