Prop is my favorite Test, quick "kick in" time, and the leats water retention. But, all ebing equal, Sustanon (sust), Eth, and prop, should give you roughly the same gains, when you adjust dosages according to the ester weight to make everything same mg.
Well per 100mg of total weight, Ethanate is 72mg of test once the ester is taken off. Prop is 89mg of test, without the ester.
i thought if the test stay in your body longer you will keep the most of you gains just like test enth stays in your body 2-3weeks and prop stay in you 2-3 days...
so if i wanted to run 750mgs of test with the tren i will have to do 750mgs a week of propinate to equal the test enth 750mgs is this right???

and you are saying test prop. will give me the same muscle gains as the eth. without the water retention??

which one is better to bulk up on i really do not care for the water retention you will lose it anyways when you come off so why does people choose eth. over prop. to get bulk cycle you will lose the dam water retention when you come off of it???
so what do you think about this two cycles

1-10weeks test eth 750mgs
1-8weeks tren 75mgs ed
and slin will be added

2nd cycle:
1-8week test prop/tren mix of 100mgs/75mgs
and two 20ml prop 100mgs and take it 100mgs eod thur the cycle
and slin will be added

which one will be most effective in muscle building??
well to be one the money, i will be buying 50ml bottle so i will have to skip one day every week to make a 8week cycle

so you are saying that both of the cycle will product the same amount of muscle gains in both of the cycles even if one is 8week cycle and one is 10 weeks cycle they will still make the same gains?????????????????????????????????????????