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which one would you buy :

100mgs prop/tren 75mgs in a 50 ml bottle


50ml bottle of enth 250 mgs
50ml bottle of tren 75mgs

i want good size gains.
which one would you pick????
get the BDL product......ur gunna be doing ED Injections right? u should add some EQ to ur cycle also
i love bdl's products so i would go with bdl. i am running the tren/eq mix and love it so far
I'm doing prop/tren/EQ now and loving it, so I'd personally recommend #1.
(I'm aasuming you have a lifting history and a few cycles down.)
Both are really much the same, just different test esters, So if you take the weight of the ester into consideration, and keep the true mgs much the same, you should get the same results, although results will be seen a bit quicker on tren/prop.
In my not so professional opinion...GO with BDL and get the Prop/Tren/EQ bottle for the couple extra dollars It'll be worth it....You'll grow like a weed!!! I ve been wanting to try BDL's Prop/Tren/EQ for a while......Let us know how it goes!!
Yeah bro when it really comes down to it, it may be little difference, but if cutting is what you are after I have to agree with everyone else run the prop/tren/ and add some eq
i trying to get alot of lean mass muscle about 10-15lbs of it so which one will give it to me??

or is the saying true test is test so don't make a differents.
hey guy i know that i sound like a broken record here but i did two cycles of sus and it sucks for me but when i used enth i grew like a weed on it so will the prop. and tren mix do the same as enth did for me or should i just go to the enth. and just stay with that??