Quick Slin question


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For you guys that use slin, do you have someone with you after you shoot incase you go hypo? I was going to throw some slin into my post cycle therapy that starts in a week from Sunday and was wondering if this was necessary. I will always have some type of carbs with me incase, but I really don't want to have to be around someone all the time while the slin is still active.
I believe they say to have someone with you just in case, but start low and go up form there. I will be starting this in the future also and will prolly have someone with me in case I do start to go Hypo, at least in the begining till I get used to it...

Better to be safe then sorry Bro..

Lemme know how it works out for you
nope, I;ve gone as high as 20iu with only about 60 carbs, and was still fine. As long as you take the proper carbs in right after the shot, you should be fine. But start small and work your way up
What dose did you start with? Would you object to someone taking 10IU's their first time? I figure as long as I take in 100g of carbs with my Protein shake I should be fine. I am open to all suggestions.

Also, how many grams of dextrose are there in 1 cup?
I started around 5iu, worked my way up by a few each time till 10, stayed there for a while then kept bumping till I got to 20. I would suggets starting around 5 or so as some people do react different, and this is something you dont want to take any chances with.
For what its worth, I dont think slin did jack for me anyway
Easto you seem pretty smart so 10 should be ok, and your a fairly big boy so it won't be too bad.

100g carbs is kinda high try 60 and keep another 40 handy.

I've gone up to 100 IU (yes yes VERY stupid I know but I was curious :) ) and never needed more than 100g at a time. Of course I needed that every 30 minutes or so :)

Never had anyone with me or anything like that. Just a few bottles of gatorade at all times.

Btw the best dose for me gains wise was 10-17 IU 17 on leg day 10 on smaller muscle groups.
I think it should help me post cycle with keeping gains. I'll throw in some Creatine into the mix as well. Thanks for the help guys.
Insulin also has a positive effect on LH so it helps recover natural test levels in addition to helping preserve/gain muscle post cycle. Are you using any clen?

My bulker in sept-oct will end with nolva/clen/slin and possibly Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) depending on availability.
I was going to use clen, but I ended up getting a bad batch so I had to throw it out. I was thinking about doing a Clomid/Nolva combo with some Creatine and Slin. Hopefully this combined with a good diet will allow me to hold my gains.
Yep you may even be able to gain some more, just depends.

Before I took the plunge to the real deal I did a 6week cycle of 1-test/4-ad (t1-pro) and slin through out then slin during post cycle with clomid and added a little strength and muscle during the recovery time.
Maybe the package it comes in will give you the nutritional information. I usually used wal-mart's generic coolaid. Tastes great :)
It doesn't come in a package. There is a huge bin and you scoop it out into a plastic bag. Hmmmmmm, I'm sure I can find out somewhere.
1 cup = 236.6 cc
So 236.6*.33 = 78.078
78.078* 4(cal/gram of carb) = 312.312 calories per cup of your dextrose.