QV Test Eth


Got any Ice Cream?

Ive heard that this does sting.

Who here has shot it, and what did you do to lessen the pain?

Who here has shot it and it didnt hurt them at all?

Where did you shoot it?

Thanks bros.
Man stop being a biatch , it does hurt but not too bad the spot gets a bit sore and sight but it subsides, and it doesnt hurt when you shoot in the glute atleast me it didnt but delt and leg fuck that it hurt
I used it and wasn't too impressed. It made me horny as hell but the gains sucked ass imho. The actual injections were painless. It was the next day or maybe I should say the next 5 days that the shit hurt so fucking bad that it was almost unbearable. My advice would be to not shoot over 1cc in a single injection site. I had to leave town for a week in the middle of my cycle so I shot 2cc's in my thigh so I wouldn't have to take my shit with me and man was that a huge mistake. I got accused of trying to walk like Snoop Dog with a gangsta limp. Not to mention that I could hardly sleep because my leg felt like it was about to rot off. I seriously thought I had an abscess it hurt so bad. I'm gonna get ICN's for my next cycle. FUCK VET GEAR!!!!!
Bro, stop being a pussy...just kidding . Pain comes with the game, just think about getting bigggggg.
Are you only taking test? if not mix it with something else & inject in your ass or your legs.. dont do the small muscles such as delts,biceps,tric. good luck
Yea that fucker hurts. LIke They said, not the injections but the day after hell for me it takes a good 8 days before the pain goes away. And i heat it before injecting, massage after, and use a heating pad. And still the pain appears.
Your a fool Buddy! Just hit it and its best to mix it with somethin like EQ or Deca to lessen any pain
Test only, its my first cycle.

I was thinking of splitting it into two 1 cc injects on the same day.


.. twists around and looks back

I can see my ass pretty good.. I shouldnt have a problem seeing my inject..
Well, if I was gonna mix it with EQ, that would be one focker of an inject.. 3 cc's?? GODDAMN!

or even if I mixed it with sterile oil, you know?

but all I know is that I gotta warm it up, use a new dart every time, and i'll be cool, right?
Popichulo said:
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.. I have a sneaking suspicion you are slightly aroused by the idea of my man sticking me in the ass..

Focker said:
I used it and wasn't too impressed. It made me horny as hell but the gains sucked ass imho.

What was your diet and training like? And how much did you shoot?
BuddyBoy said:

Ive heard that this does sting.

Who here has shot it, and what did you do to lessen the pain?

Who here has shot it and it didnt hurt them at all?

Where did you shoot it?

My last (second...) cycle was all QV, enan and deca.

There's no sting. Injections go in painlessly. The pain that some people report comes along about a day later, a dull ache that feels like a deep muscle bruise at the injection site. This may or may not be accompanied by a nice purple contusion.

I always mixed the test and deca. Each injection was an adventure, 'cause I never knew how I'd react. One would be painless, the next would show a huge ugly bruise and have a little pain, the next would ache strongly for half a week. My reactions were unpredictable, but in general I had more lasting pain from the quad injections, and more visible bruise marks from glute shots. I alternated between left and right glutes, and left and right quads, so each of my four injection sites only got hit once every other week.

At worst, the most painful injection sites still weren't all that bad for me, certainly not as debilitating as some others have reported. For example, if I had a lingering pain from a quad shot, it wouldn't prevent me from having a good leg workout.

If you're shooting straight Enan 250, without deca or EQ, then the risk of some lingering pain is probably higher. But it can't be predicted, because individual reactions vary. You'll just have to try it and see. Or find a good deal on some ICNs instead... :)

I hope this helps.

I ate like a motherfucker. Not sure how much but it was a lot. Also drank about three 50 gram protein shakes per day. I shot 1cc twice a week (mon and thurs) and ran dbol the first 5 weeks at 35 mg a day. I gained 25lbs the first month and after I quit the dbol I lost quite a bit of strength and began losing weight. By the end of the 10 weeks (actually i think it was 9 but it was suposed to be 10) I was down about 7 lbs. I know it was real test because I was fucking my girl about 3 times a day. Maybe I just don't react well to test or maybe it was just shitty test. I was thinking about trying the cyp but the dude i got ordered the enth from is being a dick and won't reply to my e-mails so fuck it, I'll just order human shit. Seems like everyone that's used ICN's has had nothing but good things to say about them. Hopefully it will work well for me too. I'd get some dbol if I were you and run it with the enth. You will gain a hell of a lot more mass.
BuddyBoy said:
Thanx DB.. but.. ICNs? What are those?

ICN Galenikas -- human grade testosterone enanthate ampules from, I think, Yugoslavia. Generally regarded as one of the best testosterone products.
what if I mixed eth and cyp in the same syringe? do you think that that would help take the sting out?
I think it would allow you to shoot more test per injection site but in my opinion the pain is going to be based on how much enth you shoot in each site. So 1cc of enth is going to feel the same as 1cc of enth and 1cc of cyp (assuming the cyp is painless). If you've already got the enth then just shoot 1cc at a time and you will survive. The pain from 1cc is not that bad although it was enough to make working legs a pain in the ass (literally). I think it might depend on where you shoot it too because some shots seem to hurt worse than others. I think its just luck if you hit the right spot though.