Sex drive and Hpta restoration


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After a cycle when you regain normal sex drive like morning woodies does that mean your hpta is fully restored? I get my sex drive back after about 40 days from my last cycle. Post cycle consist of Armidex and bromocrptine for 20 days only.
Not nessicarily. IT would indicate there is action though. To what level of restoration cant really be made by that anaology.

Your probally gettin close though.
If you get morning wood, 99% of the time you are producing natural test agian! This doesnt mean you are back to "normal", it just means your levels are high enough to produce morning wood!

But watch out, Bromo does not restore HPTA function. It is a dopamine antagonist and that being said, can cause a jump in libido with the presence of test.

Take the actions of GHB. It suppresses your dopamine at first, but when it gives you that euphoria feeling its releasing that pent up dopamine giving you that sexual rush.

I feel bromo could be a temporary fix and not a permanent one, as clomid would be!
Thanks for responding quick good bros! Its been 20 dys since my last bromo. and I feel it did help me restore my hpta with ANA. Especially coming from a 4 month fina cycle. Iam great believer in using bromo post cycle. I crashed big time from other previous fina cycles it made me feel like a 10 year old virgin school girl.
What dose of Bromo did you use. Ive used up to 2.5mg ED and still never noticed anything at all.

I would predict that your use of ARI is what actually has restored your HTPA. After your remaining exengonous test has cleared your body while meanwhile very little estrogen was present, your body re-begun LH production in an attempt to raise both estrogen and testicular levels. The continuation of ARI further on will have prevented the estrogen levels from building too high via aromatation while permiting the testicular levels to continue climbing in an attempt to aromatise.

Eventually though, you wont be able to keep making more and more test. Your body will figure out that your low estrogen is not because of low test, and the negative feedback will stop. I believe it has been shown to increase test up to 57% above your natural set point. By this point, you are mostly likely long past recovery and doesnt really effect anything. Unfortunately one you quit the Ari, you test will drop back down as estrogen levels rise, but not too much though. It will eventually level back off to your normal level.

The end :)
Only way to know for sure what's going on is to have a blood test taken, aside from that you're just guessing.