Shoulder Injections, some info please


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Im thinking of giving the shoulders a try. What gauge and needle length is everyone using and does anyone have a good site to check out for where exactly Im supposed to shoot in the delt? I keep hearing rear delt but how the heck am I supposed to get that thing in the back of my shoulder and still be able to aspirate?:confused:
i use 25g 5/8 and hit any part of delt. usually just straight in from the side. but delt is also the only place ive hit a nerve in:(
I've always used 25g 5/8, but I think next time I will try 3/4. I think it could be going in a bit further.
I prefer 1 inch pins right in the center of the deltoid. I have 23 gauges but next time I'll get 25s.
I use delts often. I think the best are insulin pins, depending on what you're shooting. I use 28G for tren or test. Why use a bigger needle than you have to? The only disadvantage is the time each injection takes, but they are painless.
I used 23g 1", delts are an easy spot to hit, but I'm doing 3cc at a time so I dont use it right now.
I have used insulin needles and always in the medial delt it is painless except for the occasional bloodvessel I have gone through