Smart or Not Smart

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Im about to start my first cycle and my workout partner is really adiment on changing up our work out. Is this smart right before begging a cycle? We normally do back-biceps, chest-triceps-shoulders, legs-abs, woeking out 4x a week. But he wants to change it up to biceps-triceps-shoulders, back-chest, legs-abs. Is it smart to change to that right before a cycle or stick to what we are used to? Anyone with past expierences or knowledge on whats better Thanx
I never try to do the same workout more than 3 weeks in a row. Whenever I get back to a workout I had done a few months ago I can really gauge my gains. I know that I have to work my bodyparts the way I like to. Both of your workouts seem fine to me, I prefer to isolate one muscle group per day but everyone is different.
I don't think starting a cycle should affect your decision.

To me it is much more about what works.

I don't like to do back with bis or chest with tris, because I feel I don't get as much intensity on my arms than if I do back with tris and chest with bis.

Maybe just try his idea and see if you like that split better than the one you have now.
This is what I think.
I do not change very much my workout because I'm a little lazy, but I find it sage to change it quite often depending on your feelings.
I do not care at all if I'm juicing or not. The only thing I care while juicing is having some more "intensity" than when I'm off, because when "on" I can afford it.