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JUst wondering why sustanon costs so much more than say enathate or cypionate, I know that sustanon has a combined 4 esters but does that make it more powerful than enathate/cypionate, would you get better gains with sustanon?
2 words....Human Grade. All Sus/Omnas/Polysteron/durateston...Etc.

They are all Human grade test.

This doesnt mean they are better, but they can charge more just because!
Test is test. Go with a single ester. If you want faster results add prop during the first 3 weeks of the cycle while the enath or cyp builds up to effective levels.
If your doing a low dose of Test, suatanon isnt the way to go. one amp a week isnt too great on blood levels, two is ok, 3 is what i would do, to take advantage of the propionate in Sustanon (sust). Not to say your blood levels are all over the place, but why pay $8-$10 an amp, when you could easily find a 10ml vial of Ethanate for $40-50? Plus its just one ester, and its less painful. People think that sustanon is magic, but in the end, it just has 4 esters attached to the Test molecules, not one.
I'm still sitting on the fence if I should do the Sustanon (sust) that I have or wait until some enathate/cypionate comes up
I great read on Sustanon (sust) by Andy 13

The model of sustanon compared to esters of various other half lives shows that sustanon is much, much, more like a single ester testosterone than you might think. I too believed that blood levels would be more difficult to control, compared to TE for instance.. until I plotted this..

I think there is A LOT of misconception about sustanon. There is an infamous thread that has been claimed by more different authors than I can count. I'm not talking about paraphrasing either. This gets cut-n-pasted, word for fucking word, and the sad part is that is it ridiculously erroneous and misleading. It's pretty much entirely shyte except for the few instances where universal, 'impossible-to-fuck-up no-matter-what' type of 'good' information such as "inject more frequently" is given.. But even then, it is buried in so much illogical garbage that the principles are skewed. I hate this post.

This is a huge reason why many BBers do not understand the concept of the ester. I'm not talking about knowing "longer ester= longer half life, shorter ester= faster acting. Knowledge of (only) this trivial information is dangerous. I remember when I first learned about esters and had only this understanding.. I thought I knew everything there was to know. It turns out that this isn't even the half of it.

Back to my rant about this infamous sustanon post, the author clearly does not understand how esters work. The common misconception that I (and probably many others) had once is that in sustanon, the prop releases first, and then the phenyl prop, followed by the longer esters (but later). After all, the longer esters don't kick in until week 3 or so, right? Nothing say's "I have no fucking clue about esters" quite like the latter statement..

This fundamental lack of understanding is something I feel is important, and I have made it my life-long goal to take the time and try and explain this (100's of times) to those who have been misinformed. A good many of them don't give a shit. They want the bottom line, after all, who gives a shit about esters during their 10-month winter hiatus from the gym? I can certainly appreciate that... Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) mentoring isn't for everyone and everyone shouldn't do it.. The problem is that it is usually these dudes (who care only to know where to stick the pin) that are the first one's to regurgitate the shit they heard yesterday, thus doing their part to perpetuate the cycle of ignorance…

Next time, I’ll tell you how I really feel about the idiots in this sport who litter the boards with filth and plagiarized garbage..

Good post, which i posted here a few times, but I still would stay away form Sustanon (sust), I think Andy is thinking of the somewhat experienced BBer, not one who is doing 1 amp per week. Not to mention sustanon is down right painful.
The reason to use a single ester, is because every este that is attached to raw test takes up space. So with Sus as an example, you have 4 esters taking away from the raw test you need. 250mgof enanthate will yeild more test in 250mg which is in a cc.
Because somehow Sustanon (sust) gained a reputation as better because it has a little of "everything" under the table.