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It is made buy Galenika a.d in 250mg amps, i was just wondering what you guy think of this stuff i hear it is the best in the world, i just bought 10 of them for cheep and i was gona start them monday morning.
yo i just got home from work, I shot in my thigh and it is killin me, I forgot to asparate i dont no if that would have anything to do with it.
where did u hear about batch 158 is no good this news to me .i know icns are painless but thee been a couple of posts latel sayinmg that its hurting them .
ICN's the best test out there...PERIOD!!!! Painless, Overfilled, Human Grade, Cheap, need I say more???Good luck on the cycle..SD
what i mean when i said that it stinks, i ment that it smelled. Also my leg is still killin me, maby it is not the ICN, it mite be this very cheep Ethanate that i bought.
it mitof been the cheep shit that smelled,it was early in the mornin. the smell was pretty strong but it smelled like test, i no the stuff or i think i no the stuff is good it is made buy UG lables
Im running ICN's right now and there is no smell at all, at least I dont think so, but I have to inject again today so i'll smell it this time and see. And they are a little painful but it's not from the Test, I think it's more from the needle and my shaking hand's.....

But I still want to know where "ike29" heard that batch 158's are no good...

Good Luck GOON