Training after gyno surgery?


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Came back from the doc today and he told me I healed very quickly. He also said i can start going to the gym today and begin a modified workout. It's only been a week since my surgery, anyone know if its safe to go out and train? I feel fine, my chest has no bruising whatsoever and the right side is a bit swollen. I told him, most don't get back to the gym till 3-4 weeks afterwards and he said well most don't get surgery done by me. Any ideas?
Hard to say if you should, everyone heals at different rates. so only you can make that decision based on what you see, how the healing has gone inside, soremness, what you feel before, doing weights. I would love to see a good answer for people out there, but maybe a moderator can help?
sorry man, i dont have an answer to your question. i was just wondering how much did the surgery cost ya.
How was the pocedure done?
Like Lipo would be??
Were you awake?
How long did it take?
You can tell I am very interested in this(for my friend LOL)
Seems too fast to go work out IMHO.
well the procedure cost 7,300. Got it financed, thats not counting the meds and compression vest. My right side had a hard mass while my left side just had fatty deposits. He did lipo and cut out the gland on my right side. I was under general anaesthesia and the whole thing took 45 minutes. This guy was very good, leaving me with no bruising and no pain. I just came back from the gym and did a light workout and boy do i feel good. My chest feels pumped and can't wait till tomorrow. I just hope i'm not doing any damage :)
i'm 21 years old... I had gyno when i was about 12, but the lump went away leaving me with fatty deposits (pseudo gyno). Just recently after my last cycle i got gyno and just decided to get rid of the whole thing. I can still get it again since he didn't remove the whole gland, but i'm gonna run nolva with everyone of my cycles from now on.
7 GRAND :eek: :eek:!what the fuck. damn dude that alot of money. im lucky i never had any trouble. when i was on test i just got a tingling sensation. i couldnt afford it. ima make sure i have an extra supply of antiestros. i do no some are more succeptible. i know your happy though. congrats.
So if i understand this right, there are degress of tissue removal and the docs can make it so that you do not have to worry about it ever coming back?? If that is the case then why didnt the doc get all of the gland out on the other side too??
i'm currently 210 at 10-11% The doc didn't remove the whole gland because doing so would create an inverted nipple. He was really concentrating on the overall aesthetic contour rather than focusing on the gland itself. He did remove the hard mass but I think he just lipoed my left side.
Where are the holes from the procedure placed and how many??
Any sutures?
Was this a plastic surgeon?
Was it one cycle that triggerd the gyno to get a lump or multiple?

Thanks sorry about the 1000 questions-just curious(for my friend LOL)
two small incisions on top of each nipple. Each one had 3-4 stitches. Done by a plastic surgeon.
It was just one cycle. It wasn't even on cycle, it was post cycle 2 months afterwards. I didn't have nolva on hand... lesson learned.
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GOD BLESS CANADA- I got mine for FREE, as health care is free in Canada!!! Started light training about a week-1o days after. Doesn't it feel awesome to wear a tight shirt now, or none at all (assuming the crust on your nips is gone).

hellz yeah bro its friggin great!