Var with test or EQ or Both?? Advise..


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This is about my 6th cycle, looking to gain strength not necessarly a lot of weight. In the past, I've ran mostly Sustanon (sust), EQ, Winstrol (winny), a little Tren. I want to run a 12 weeker, moderate dosage, but may cut it alittle short if i'm easily reaching my goals. Love eq but, i could gain 10lbs easy with the hunger factor. I'm 195lbs fairly solid and lean.

Should i run EQ for 12 wks w/ some Test or just the test base???
Maybe just a lower dose of EQ--400mg/week
I'm planning:

wk 1-6 Var 60-80mg
Wk 1-12 500mg Test, OR 600mg eq
wk 8-12 50-75mg Winny
wk 8-12 Proviron
letro as needed,
novla etc, PTC

Any experiences with dosages here?
I would just do Test/Var/proviron ... Drop the Winstrol (winny), IME it is a contest drug, nothing else -- you said you were going for strength. I know Winstrol (winny) aids in strength but it also kills your joints.
OK,, No EQ, will lighten up on the Winstrol (winny) (maybe not at all)what about a low dose of Tren E ~400/wk and where... I'd do wks 1-6, yes?

wk 1-6 Var 60-80mg
Wk 1-12 500mg Test

wk 8-12 Proviron letro as needed,
novla etc, PTC
I have gotten amazing results for strength off of Test/Deca, which is considered a mild stack. I presume you are not lifting competitively? If not, just go with the test/var