Wait for EQ?


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i currently have ample supply of yellow top decas and started 500mg sustanon cycle, wondering if I should stack w/ deca 400mg or wait for my preference of Eq. Would appreciate some feedback
You are not going to find to many deca lovers here. Personally, I would have started a cycle without all of my stuff. EQ especially as it is usually taken longer than test.

You can use deca, but I would take small doese of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) throughout the cycle to make sure your testicles do not get atrophied!

Also, take clomid a week or so longer than usual. Deca really kicks your HPTA's ass!
If this is your first cycle just go with the sus. Then stack some eq or deca on your next cycle.

Yes...let me re-phrase. I love the results deca has on building muscle, but I hate what it does to my HPTA and that far exceeds the benifits!!
H Bomb said:
i love deca and deca loves me.

given i have never gone above 300mg/week with deca.

I wish we could all be so lucky! I lost a nut to a mere 200mg a week for 10 weeks!
Ok I will be the deca lover here. I think it's great and you will see good mass gains. If you do not want it send it my way ;). In fact I like deca stacked with Eq. But Test/deca is the best mass stack in my experience.