Where, what and why you shop?


That Other Guy
Where you buy food?
What you buy there?
Why you buy the food?

Just General Questions. To get know each other.

Sweet Potato - Under .90 cents a pound
Ground Beef: If you did know they use their steaks before expire in ground beef.
Egg Whites - Free Range
Hummus - Large container good price
Cheese - Dehli Cut
Kirkland Hot dogs = All-Beef
Rice - It's cheap most places
Coffee: It's cheap for coffee grounds

"Side note: Dog food for Dogs."

Chicken Breast - Often on Sale
Ground Beef - if on sale even though more fat
Fruit/Vegetable "Frozen and Fresh" Produce
Milk - Cheap
Juice - Cheap no sugars or fructose sugars.
Delhi - Full Delhi fresh cut,

Can Goods
Chicken Breast - Often on sale
Avocado - Sometimes sale .37 cents each
Milk - Cheap
Anything quickly to pick up, that I run out of.


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i shop at the local Uncle sam thrift store.
I get the latest designs at half the price. combat boots specials on fridays.