Which test would you run with Tren E ( trenabol 200 BD)


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Would a shorter acting ester be practical because of the long acting ester in the tren E to start gains off quickers, or is a Test E better with tren E. Also wandering what peoples feelings are on BD products, if im breaking any rules by asking then i apologize. I am a novice, the Tren was given to me by a friend. I know tren is usually not regarded as good for a newbie, i will not be using it anytime soon, or atleast until after i run a less harsh cycle, and get some experience under my belt. this thread is primarily for future reference and curiousity.
Thanks in advance. Any advice is much apreciated.
You can run either....long or short acting test-its what you prefer.....if it was me I would run Test E so that they both kick in at the same time.
If you are up in the air as to short or long then go with Sustanon (sust). there you have both types...
Yeah, either testosterone enanthate or propionate would be fine to run with tren enanthate. As for British Dragon products, they are quality. No worries there.