why cant i break this 193 mark..


sean usmc

ok im on test enan take 375mg mon and thurs...and decca 200 mg tues and fri,,,anadrol 75 mg every day...eat prop..and i cant seem to break out of this 93 mark????wtf...help...
Ps. you crazy man, you craazy. I took just anadrol alone (without test/deca) and that sh*t messed me up so bad that I wanted to go to the doctors everyday just to make sure I still had a pulse.

i eat like a dog bro...to the point i want to puke...sometimes...
Do you get up in the middle of the night for your first/or last/ depending how you look at it, protein shake of the day? Have it setting on your nightstand right next to the toilet.
Do what i started doing, throw in a nice juicy cheatmeal from mcdonalds. 1 double big mac, fries and coke a day and you won't have a choice. It's like a 1500calorie meal...

wait, how tall are you?
ya, toss in a in-n-out double double and fries...

better yet toss in two in-n-out double double with no fries...

or maybe 3 in-n-out double doubles with no fries.

spread your meals out, and eat a lot, you probably need 6000-9000 cals per day.
yeah, a lot of time you think your eating a lot, but in reality when you break it down it's not that many calories. Post it up and be completely honest.
who can tell over the internet......its either training or diet, how much have your lifts increased in the last 4 weeks?
Yesterday I Had 6 Egg Whites ..and 1 Cup Oatmeal...then Went To The Gym...came Back..had A Sweet Pepper For Snack And A Shake.......lunch I Had Broccoli With Haddock...(fish)...and Slept For Like 2 Hours...woke Up Had A Shake..went To Gym To Do Lower Body...came Back Had Dinner...steak With Potatoes..and Rice......relaxed...at 9 I Had A Bowl Of Cereal.....
get a good weigh gainer... i use mammoth weigh when i'm bulking... each shake has 965cals in it... i usually take 3 double scoops a day on top of all my meals