yalls thoughts on overtraining


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Starting when I get back from vacation I am gonna do each body part 2x per six days.If diet ,sleep,and gear is all in tact do u guys think it would be too much?


I normally do just 1 body part per week just thought I would see how my body takes to this-any thoughts,give it a try? or leave it the same

Thanks SODA
I go 6 days a week, but one bodypart a day, as long as you plan on going to the gym 6 days a week, why not try that? I go
I'm gonna it a try,I have been doing 1 body part per week so I am gonna give it a try,I'll keep yall posted
As long as you keep your volume down, I think it's ok. I do two heavy bench workouts per week now, but each workout only consists of 4 total work sets.
slobberknocker said:
As long as you keep your volume down, I think it's ok. I do two heavy bench workouts per week now, but each workout only consists of 4 total work sets.

thats what I was thinking.
let me point out it also depends on how you are going to train...when i hit my cycle in the early weeks, not to mention the big tough guy balls i had to be juicing....i hit 2 times a week and i train for power only, by the third week, i could not sleep at night due to bad rotators, elbow pain, neck pain etc...i then went to a 4 day 6 day gig and allowed like 4 days in between body parts to recover and i blew my strength through the roof...it does depend on where your body is when you start also, i had a good base, just over did it in the beginning, once my feet hit the ground, i was good togo...

Just remember to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you start to feel tired, really sore, ect.. Take a few days off. You don't really need an injury.
like eastarr said bro,it depends on your training.high intensity,heavy weights etc etc,no way can you hit body parts that much.hell im sore for 3-5days when i train like that.but during the summer when im dieting i dont train like that and sometimes do hit bodyparts 2x a week.

I believe its always good to switch up your workout. It may work great for you at least for a while. If you start to feel burnt out back off.
I agree with Easto, you gotta listen to your body. Some people can pull off some ridiculous stuff while others have a hard time training one body part per day 5-6 days a week
People shit a brick when i tell them i do 16 sets each for bis and tris alone, and up to 20 for back and legs. I do 4-6 reps per set usually, so think about it, i may do 80-100 total reps for back, but some guys do 8-10 sets of ten, whats the real difference? Im pushing my muscles as hard as they can go more times. I have a day set aside for them each, so i hit them with everything i have. I rarely go to complete failure, but i will take it to relative failure. I was cared for the longets time of overtraining, i would do 9 sets for chest back and legs, and 6 for arms and shoudlers. I decided to change things up, and my muscles have responded like never before. Maybe my shortcoming of not having Mike Mentzer or Dorian like intensity necassitates me to do high volume of sets.
when not on I only go 3x a week sometimes 2 I've actually made progress that way using 20 rep squat routine w/bi's day 1 heavy deadlifts and delts day 2 and chest tri's day 3