Are these labs legit? Before I buy


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I met a guy who sells centrino labs, united labs int and test pharma for injectables, also he had anadrol from centrino labs in sealed bags with centrino on it.

He also has pink dbol with bd on ones side and 50 on other. Has a score down middle.
His clomid looks same as the dbol but white.
Then his adex is red oval gel caps.

Do these sound legit? Of so which ones? No pics sorry he showed me on person. Didn't buy any yet but he is close by so if it turns out these sound legit I'll try him out.
I didn't think this was source checking didn't say who he was or a website. Lab names are no secret. Where you get them is what is supposed to be private. From what I understand. If I was saying for example is legit site that's source checking. Correct me if wrong
.seriously bro ?

..." a guy who sells centrino labs also has..and they look...whatcha think ... "

No pic s..???

try some pm s ok ?

NOT ME GD it..never heard of the lab mentioned....
Lmao. No source checking period. What you do over private message is your business which is why it's called private messaging. No source checking anyone, okay brother?