bulking routine for skinny guy


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hi.im one seriously skinny mother fucker. since february ive been eating like a horse and lifting a lot, i went from 6'3" 150 to 6'3" 166 without much body fat increase, i still have hard abs. but as you can tell im still a skinny bitch.

i think i have my eating goin pretty good, 16 lbs in 9 months seems pretty decent. but what i am looking for is a better routine. something that will really help me pack on the bulk this winter. i think i was doin to much isolation stuff, silly me i wanted my arms to look good.for the beach. but this winter i just want to focus on whatever lwil give me the most mass.

you got any routines i shouldtry?

heres what i was doing.

monday - seated row, lat pull, shrugs, calves, curls, abs
wednesday - squats, leg press, straight leg deadlift, calves, abs
friday - bench, mil press, dips, tricep extensions, abs

with your help on a routine, my goal is to put on another 10 lbs by march, despite the fact that i will be traveling for 4 weeks. i can do it, i know i can!!!!
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lol i haf 100 lbs on you, il tell you what i did, eat alot of food and do squats, deads, and bench.


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Tafman said:
lol i haf 100 lbs on you, il tell you what i did, eat alot of food and do squats, deads, and bench.
yup cant complain to that just do those three once a week you will be fine.......give it 6 months though.


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stay basic, bro. don't go elsewhere first. of course, eat eat eat...sleep early...don't tire yourself during the day...don't overtrain...lift properly....learn learn learn!!! and squat!!!!!!!!!!


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youre routine isnt too bad to be honest.

you could probably do without the tricep ext on friday, and without the calves on monday. I would also change my wednesday to:
calves > SLDL > LP > squat.
This is the way DC is set up, and makes more sense IMO. Its backward to common idea of of doing hardest lift first, when youre fresh. But calves take very little effort, whereas squat takes the most. After a full out set of squats, you probably shouldnt have enough left in that tank to do LP, SLDL, calves, etc.

Also, if weight gain stop, eat more. Its that simple. Just try to refrain from gaining weight at all costs by eating more than you need to and gaining a lot of fat in the process. Its psychologically rewarding to see the scale go up every day/week, but in the end, you just end up with a lot of worthless fat that is a PITA to get rid of. Take it slow.