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hey bro's mon i will be starting my cycle of deca 400 wk, 250 omnadren wk.. i know dosages are rather low but i have a well thought out diet and training plan on hand and intend to keep a full progression diary of size and strength every week that i will be sharing here

current stats
bf- very low(didnt bother)
wst- 32
legs- 22.5 (big problem)

well see what happens....
You can grow ALOT more naturally. If you only have 15'' arms, you have alot of growing to do still. Don't jump into steroids too early. If you are not growing naturally now ... EAT!!!!!
i don't deny that any of ur advice is true, but unfortuanately my mind is made up, i kept the dosages low and training, diet and sleep will be on track and disciplined with pretty good knowledge, from this site, magazines etc...i also have strong willpower and will not do more than one 10 wk cycle a yr, but thanx for always havin advice on hand i hope this goes well peace bro's
Until the age of 24, your body is overflowing with testosterone and growth
hormone. If you can't make progress without drugs when you're still young, you
need to re-evaluate a few things -- mainly your training and your
supplementation. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to progress on a
consistent basis without drugs. And if you can't, chances are you won't do much
better with drugs. Steroids will also close the growth plates of long bones so if
you haven't reached full height, steroids may prevent further skeletal
development, not to mention, they'll be shutting down your hormonal system at a
time when it's reaching maturity. Don't mess with your reproductive system at this
point. You're going to need it.
Concentrate on pushing yourself to lift heavier and heavier every week, but honestly the hardest part for someone like you will probably be eating enough. With a low bf and a decent first cycle (which your's is) the only limiting factor will be your appetite. Try for 350-400gm of protien and just eat as many carbs as you can. And you shouldn't keep your diet clean, it will limit your growth. This is your big shot, your first cycle, it's ok that you'll soften up, it's your chance to really grow! You can easliy lean out later. So good luck....and if it's not tied it.
The reason I'm saying all this is that I was you age when I started and although I knew eating huge and concentrating on getting strong in the basic free weight exercises was important, I just didn't take it to heart or have anyone to emphasis how very important those two things are, and I don't want to see anyone make the same mistakes I did. I wish you the best of luck.....and if it's not tied down EAT IT!
i did sum thinking to both your points and im defintaly not watching the calories im tryin to eat everything in sight, and have also put all the big lifts in my training as a priority doing 5x5 seems a good way to track strength each week, thanx guys ......
Ya like everyone else said stay natural. I been making my best gains and strenght gains at 19 now, i'm eating clean and taking lots or protein and it works.