Hit a wall at noon- T3 or GH?


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Taking 25mcg T3, 5iu GH ED. Every day at about 1 I hit a wall. Coffee doesn't help, nothing except a nap will do. Luckily I own the company..... But still. I've done searches, but can't come up with anything regarding those effects. I thought the T3 would up my energy if anything... Any feedback?

WALLY said:
its the t3 it always makes me feel sluggish at any dosage

Yea I noticed that too... Thought it was the T3, but wasnt too sure.. Thanks for the info.. I have to get up at 4 a.m. every day and since I started the T3, it is hard as hell to wake up...
Jyzza, been on the GH for about 4 months now. Started out at 2iu for the first month, worked up to 6iu where I've really started to notice a difference. Did a ten week cycle of Deca/Test cyp, been eating well, and haven't lost any of the 25 pounds I put on. (Started the GH originally to help heal a strained ligament in my neck). I did notice that I started sleeping a bit heavier when I upped the GH, but since the T3 I just run out of gas in the afternoons. Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

Definitely the T3. I go to work at 8 or 9 am--I own my own business also--and when I get home at 5:30 I've had to crash for an hour or two.
When I first started GH I feelt the same way….for the 1st month I was always tired, very sleepy and then it passed….I do remember few months ago I added T3 at 25mcg and experienced same reults as you guys….Never really gave it too much tought about it….I got off T3 and everything is great and has been…..