Just made my first Fina...


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I just made my first Fina.....It looks beautiful.....I love it...

Did I mention that I took 1cc of it too...:D
zillamonster said:
Perhaps you should send me that and let me do an 8 week test. :)

I'll be testing it..nice try Zilla...

It was light color but after I took it out of the oven it came out darker....I like it..It looks more evil.....:D
JohnnyB said:
I like the swan:D

Did you use pellets or powder?


Component TH, 20 Dose Strip....if I like it then next time I will use the powder...
buffdoc said:
Prop and Tren; great combo, bro. You're gonna love it.
ED dosing?

I go EOD since it's my first for Tren.....

100 Prop/100Tren EOD + 4ius of GH ED.....I like to take low dosages....
I made my first batch Sunday and took 2cc of it. No pain, no cough and life is good. I'm doing 150mg EOD; was doing fina spray for the past month.
Thanks ChemR!