Red Star Labs?

I have never heard anythign bad about them, and I have been reading Meso for over a year. Their Primo i would trust more than any I buy in amp form from a regular source. I just read they are dropping their humatren from 85mg/ml to 50mg/ml. T-mag and John Romano seem to pimp their tren. Its to eraly for feedback on the Deca combo, but the Sustanon Dry (a-dex added) has had good feedback. I have no perosnal experience, but they seem like they have good products, I just get confused on the name changes and all the politics.
I've used the tren and currently using "drytest". Personally I think Spectro was better Tren. Nothing special about Drytest (I think it's just watered down). Overall, redstar can blow me, he's an asshole.
In this particular regard, I couldn't disagree with Rollercoaster much more. I've found Phil to be an excellent source in every regard, both in integity and product quality.
He does come off as a prick i will tell you that. But, if his stuff works it works. Me thinks he gave a little shill to MD to print up a "King of Undergorund Steroids" article. Genious marketing though. Cant blame the guy for being smart. Im sure his products are better, but as far as king of UG AAS, i would say IP is at least in the widespread usage of his products. In that article he said he would never make a test, he said he doesnt like harsh androgens, then voila, dry prop, and dry sustanon. Oh well, its better than dry pussy.