Right nip is itchy and sensative

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OK, I'm paranoid about gyno and my right nip is acting wierd on a sus/deca cycle. I cam taking provirion and have clomid and Nolva on hand. Should I start taking that stuff now until it goes away..should I add anything else? I do not want boobies...
One drawback to consider about Nolva is that it may cause progesterone receptors to become more sensitive. This means that while using progestins such as Deca or Tren, you may become more sensetive to progestin related gyno.
id maybe get some letro on hand in case some lumps appear under your nipples. Vitamin b6 will also help regulate prolactin levels.
ummm if you are getting gyno i would get yourself some aromasin or arimidex or AIFM dude... cause you said you're still on cycle?? clomid isn't going to do anything for gyno... get what i said to get and run that and save your nolva/clomid for your PCT