The Massive Freak World Harris - amateur bber

edit... i just read that he is a pro, i was asking why he didnt have his pro card.
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Bro', thanks for Will's pix. I spotted a few pix of him on another board and my mind was blown away.

Not that many BB freak me out, but Will's lines and mass are hard to ignore. This guy is no Pro clone, he really stands out. Worthy successor to the great Myth. Hope he has great success in the Pro ranks, we need more super freaks like him.

I still talk to him on the phone every now and again and actually had the priviliage to train with him for a few weeks. One of the nicest guys around congrads to him for winning the Mr. USA!!!!
he is good but ronnie is better i must say. Unless he switches some of his body is out of poportion.
You know what I think it is? It's because those are NORMAL pictrues of him, in normal settings...anytime you see a pic of Ronnie it's on stage (comparing him to other guys around his size) or in the gym with pictures taken by a pro photographer.

You really can't tell how big these guys are until you compare them average things (like regular size doors lol). All his pics were taken with an average camera, and then when you saw his competition pic it wasn't that impressive (compared to top pro's)
I searched Freak World Harris, and World Harris, and got nothing

Then found out his name is Will Harris
Then found out that Will Harris is also the name of an actor.
Then tried Will World Harris and couldn't come up with anything.

This guy looks great but needs to make himself public.
Tell him to make a website