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I think the problem for many men is that they don't use enough to suit their own individual E levels. The directions are for the average. If you need more then use more. Don't use too much or your suppression will be so great that you'll get joint pain. When I add dbol I use 4 sprays, when I am on my regular maintenance I use 2 sprays.

Is that the dosage you stay at constantly? It seems low for someone who's on all year, maybe you just like being on better?

No, it's what I use day to day. I tore my bicep tendon off the bone and had it screwed back on in June so I haven't trained much. I started Baby Steps Training this week and added dbol. I can start training in January again and then I'll use Tren along with my usual AS to get my mass back.


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i have been on for about 2 years. i was using it as a crutch for depression and xeineity and was really no lowere than 750 for very long. Im now on 150. i could come off but i was never happy with my test levels to begine with. i just turned 24 and been on since some where when i was 21. I would recomend definatly dropping to a cruising dose because i stoped seeing anything exepet hair loss. swith up your compounds.


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there are some people that may not respond as well to steroidal Aromatase inhibitor (AI) like aromasin and AIFM. these are the exception, not the rule. Still examining this but it likely is related to sulfatase levels.

regardless of which Aromatase inhibitor (AI) you choose, you should ALWAYS have a second Aromatase inhibitor (AI) on hand (preferably one steroidal and one competitive AI). generally reccomend aromasin or AIFM and letrozole. You dont have to use it, just have it there in case things are not working out as you expected. almost never reccomend arimidex, though there are individuals that it works fine for, howevery among the general population its effectiveness level is low.

also reccomend that you have both mainstay SERMS (clomid and nolva on hand), though generally only reccomend clomid for PCT.

also if you are using progestins or have had prolactin problems in the past use a mild dopaminergic or have one of the stronger ones (bromocriptine) on hand.


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honestly its hard for me to tell if an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) is working for me. my water fluctiates through out the day and when i eat.