Who injects There selves ??


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My upcoming cycle im not gonna have anyone around to inject me. I have did bi's and tri's by myself before, but never the ass. I know lots of you guys do this alone. So any pointers would be helpful. thanks
I know where and how to do it. I just have a hard time bending to get a good angle, so i can see what im doing.
I always do mine as well, if you can't twist too much but still want to do glutes, do the shot infront of a mirror, this is what i always do, helps a great deal i find.
The easiest is to inject in the quads. You can see what you are doing and there is hardly any pain. Look, take your time and make sure you do it correctly, not to hit a vein or a nerve. Don't just stab it in an shoot, once it breaks the skin it's all the same anyway, so you might as well do it properly. If you need assistance go to the websites the guys put up, it will answer some questions you may have. Good Luck Bro!
thanks guys. this will be my 3rd cycle and i have received many shots doing fine 2 times everyday. But my roommate always did the glutes for me. So i know how to do shots i also have gave many to other people, but justh avew a hart time getting my owe glutes and dont like going in the quads. thanks
I do the quads. I sit here in my chair, prop one leg up on my desk. Then I just inject. I usually read the boards while injecting. Sometimes I even reply to people while pushing the plunger.

After a good 300 shots its not a big deal anymore.
Just do what I do. Take the inner city bus. Half way through stand up and shout, "Oh my God! I've been stung by a bee. I'm allergic. I'll die unless I get an anti allergy shot within two minutes." Then whip your pre-load from your pocket and shout, "Thank God! I've got the syringe with me." Then drop your pants really fast and get up on the bus seat with your ass up in the air. Pick the hottest looking chick you can find on the bus and thrust the syringe into her hand. Tell her, "Hurry! You've got to inject me. I've only got a minute to live." Then start gasping for breath and tell everybody around you that you can feel your windpipe closing. Usually you'll have half the bus helping the chick out to give you your shot. Sometimes you even get a nurse who comes running up... so you get your shot done professional.

I've done this trick a bunch. It works every time. :)

Also, if the chick is really hot - you might want to look deep into her eyes afterwards and say, "You saved my life. What you did was amazing. Can I take you out to dinner to thank you?" (You get turned down bunch at this point 'cuz the chick is usually kind of freaked out... but every now and then you get lucky.)
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I have injected myself since the first one. I love it. I don't know if I could ever let anyone else inject me.