winny inj. or eq?? help me decide fellas


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im gonna start a prop 100 , tren 75, ed ,,,, standard shit cycle. should i run 50 mgs. of Winstrol (winny) inj. with it ed, or EQ at about 400 to 600 mgs a week with it. I want to lose some bf, dont know which to run here.. somebody give me some input........gonna use letro , and all the standard b.s... just cannot make my mind up on this one issue... help!

1.) ya already got 2 short acting esters, why throw a long one in there?

2.) many who have tried fina and Winstrol (winny) rave about the results
i would add the Winstrol (winny) that is what i did on my upcoming cycle that looks really similar to urs except i'm thinking about throwing in some d-bol the first four weeks.....

add the winny...since your main goal is to lose BF then Winstrol (winny) will assist you on a low calorie diet...EQ was a bitch to deal with while junk food cravings were thru the roof as well which obviously fucked up my diet...go w/ the winny...
Leave out the winny......def use that EQ shit. Fina/eq mix is fuckin sweet. Good luck. Winstrol (winny) is good for a competition, harden's you up and Eq is less harsh.
thanks fellas,,, hmm, im still scratch my head here..... gonna try and remember my own sides while on each of em.. more advice is always welcome ...............