accutane help


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You have no clue how much trouble i am going through trying to get a hold of this shit......... doctors want to avoid it like the plague and those websites i dont want the shit being picked up by customs............... i dont think you can order "tane" from an online pharmacy in the U.S. without a script..............newho can a mod who has luck it this issue please please please PM me............. thank you guys i appreciate it
bro your probably going to get alot of scammers

sending u pms and shit. not a wize idea bro. also this is kinda a source post i would say. save some of this type of shit for secure emails. just FYI

Accutane is great fpr acne but it takes a tole on you liver. I took it for about 3 months had blood tests done and it wasnt good. Its strong shit. I would recommend trying to get tetracycline. The results are slower but it doesnt fuck your body up.
Yeah its not the strongest stuff but like you said works overtime. Some people take it it alot better than others. Faster resultws for some.